20 September 2003

can't sleep ryt now, head full of thoughts... thinking about the future... what will come? someone i have grown accustomed to being strong-willed, sometimes controlling, is now facing the will of time... i wonder, am i the one who will be continuing what was started? am i gonna step into the shoes and walk the ways that was trod? i wonder...

u know, sometimes, ppl indeed sometimes aren't really what they seem... the seemingly friendliest person turned out to be one of indifference, the seemingly cold one was accomodating... surprise, surprise.

for my site, well, i guess i have to put up with the kind of ordinary clock, the one that follows the navigation bar down or up, located at the right side, where it doesn't trail with the mouse, and doesn't encircle the pointer. oh, and i don't have a date in my site, still contemplating whether to acquire one or not.

hm... tomorrow, i think i will be going to Joy Fellowship with my lil bro as he had to attend to be able to pass a requirement. back to SSHS again, i suppose... well, that is if i am able to wake up on time, hehehehe =P
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