13 October 2003

good morning!

im getting used to sleeping with no aircon... the weather is not that hot anyway!

my body is kinda aching now coz yesterday we played badminton at Crosscourt for like 3 hours, 11am-2pm. we: me, rix, lau, tin, katie, irish, wenzzy, drew, vic, and junjun. we invited anyone from filchi, dalnet to join... a sports eb maybe. =) then kelvin came, but he wasnt playing... just watched and talked with those who are resting. then after the game, eus and dan arrived. we all went to KFC Congressional for lunch, then most of us went to Megamall, i was to meet achi les there to return her psych book. the others also tagged along for an eb there. jm, gibo, james and their friend were there already. so, as usual, we dunno what to do there... some went to play billiards; tin, katie, eus, achi les, luthel, jay and i went to Encore! Encore! and sang at the videoke there. it was embarrassing for me... huhuhu... afterwards, achi les went on her way coz she needed to attend a party, and we went to see the others in the billiard hall. then after cheering and jeering, we all went on our ways, decided who will go with whom, asked for numbers, said goodbyes and all that. =)

i hope next week we could play again, so the exercise would be consistent... =)
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