20 October 2003

i went to SM centerpoint this morning, near lunchtime to meet with Livian coz she needs to let me sign something for her completion for the subject in exhibit. then we talked about stuff, she's working part time in Starbucks, Jupiter.. it made me remember my failed application in Starbucks. *sigh*

then i bought some stuff and had lunch in foodcourt, i bought a Rainbow Parfait from Icebergs... that's all i had. =)

when my parents came home, they decided to go to the baranggay hall to register for voting, i tagged along coz i needed to be registered as a new voter, as a responsible citizen blah blah... it turned out that i needed to have a photocopy of an ID with address... where can i photocopy on such short notice? so, i went home ahead fo them since i already have no business there. sheesh! it was packed with ppl all eager to get into the "office" where the papers were being processed, they were all pushing against the door and no space left to go through. the whole thing wasn't organized in the first place, and ppl tend to lose their discipline seeing no clear rules and no implementation of them. so frustrating!!! >=(
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