24 October 2003

*random thoughts*

did i mention that the aircon in my room is already fixed?

i wonder why most dogs and puppies look so innocent?

sometimes some people try to be your friend just so they could have an outlet of their rants and stuff, and when they are through, and when you feel like opening up to them also, they shut you out, not bothering to listen to what you have to say... *sigh* why??? just because im such a listener i have no right to voice out my own opinions and feelings???

i have my own collection of mp3, yey, though they are at random and not categorized very well... i mean, not categorized at all! hehe...

u know? happy hardcore provides a cool variety of trance and rave music, i just discovered them in imesh. =P

mirc chat is not as fun for me as before... people are drifting away, just some kakulitans and then no more. for others who are new, it is still fresh and they view it as somewhere to gain friends... but still there were ties made that wouldn't break... if they are true and sincere...

maybe i view things in the wrong perspective... i dont know... can someone show me?
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