19 October 2003

rix and i had lunch somewhere on road20, i forgot the name, hehehe... then after that we went to crosscourt for our badminton game. we played for 2 hours. there were two aged but fit men who came over and invited two from our group to play with them coz they said they need players for their doubles match. so lau and rix went over and joined them for a tiring game... those two turned out to be real experts in badminton, especially with the strategy of the game. then we had lunch @ Napoli in Timog, i think. a lunch that lasted 2 hours! we ate and talked and ate and shared chikas and ate and shared kakulitans and ate and laughed and ate and drank and drank and drank. =P it was fun. a sure way to get ourselves fat is to eat pizza and pasta right after playing badminton. =P so full, then i had san mig lite (hits you right, but less filling!)... and my sleepiness got worse, till i took my bath and i was awake again, hehe=P so, here i am! and now, after this im going to sleep! so... goodnight then!!!
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