16 October 2003

today, I attended the open house for the soon-to-rise ortigas town center. it was cool, there were many bigshots there, exchanging business cards, some interested to open spots in the depots. i just watched and ate and watched and ate and listened to some conversations, hehehe =P then we were told to stay put coz bayani fernando was to render an "inspirational speech". so we waited, and looked around, and looked out the window to the site where the construction was taking place. it was kinda exciting. as if i take a big part in it! hehe=P then, bayani fernando arrived, there was picture-taking, he was given a hard hat, then he spoke and was presented a token of appreciation afterwards. i was glad to have witnessed such an event. =)

tomorrow, im going to binondo to have my long hair cut and for an appointment with the dentist, to have my wisdom teeth/tooth removed becoz of the abnormal growth which would affect my other normal teeth when left to grow.
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