03 October 2003

yey! i have submitted my completion already! hope i will be given a grade on that next week so i can fully graduate. then after that i have to work on my application for graduation... i dont really know how the process goes...

anyway, i was at casaa a while ago after i submitted, having my lunch... there i sat near the post, observing the students there... quite a variety. There's a group loudly singing Christmas carols, some pretty girls who look kinda "mataray", a group of studious-looking students with a laptop, some simple ones waiting for the next period or doing their homeworks while chatting with friends, some weird-looking ones... but people around are indifferent about it coz they're used to sights like that already... that's UP... *senti mode*

im really really thankful to God! such a "coincidence" that two of my former classmates came and as I forgot to bring my old Form5 or classcard, one of them provided me with the class code and section that i needed to fill up in the completion form. She had also submitted her completion this morning, and went back to the dept. to verify something. "God works in ways we cannot see, he will make a way for me..."
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