09 November 2003

good morning! still kinda sleepy, but awake! came home at about 3+am from the eb gmik in podium. rix and i went to podium to meet with the others who are already there, we must buy our tickets b4 8pm or else our reservation will be lost. glad we reserved... or rather achi les did. then we had dinner at T.I.B. the food is good, i guess. =P then we met with the others in starbucks for the last full show is still at 10:20pm. then after chit chat and stuff, we went and got ready to go inside. the moviehouse was kinda cozy and clean and there's a large space between roseatsthe movie was ok, though i didnt really get the story and the purpose of it all. the point, in my opinion, is just to believe in people, the decisions they make we should respect for they are with reasons of their own, to trust in people, that miracles happen, even in the matrix world, that love is powerful...
anyway, after that, we thought we were headed home but then rix and i found ourselves in a convoy thingy thats going to country waffles in annapolis. well, considering the time, we had our early breakfast. hehe=P then finally home we went! =)

kinda hungry now, but that shouldnt be! i should be on a diet! *sigh* why is it so hard to shed a few pounds? or even a quarter of a pound? and sooo easy to gain a pound or two???
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