02 July 2018

It's good to have the UV Care Family Toothbrush Sterilizer.

One of my hubby's generous friends gave us this UV Care Family Toothbrush Sterilizer last Christmas. 

Honestly, I never thought of sterilizing toothbrushes. When sterilization comes to mind, I only thought of baby bottles. Now, there are sterilizers for almost everything: toys, furniture, mattress, and shoes.

Well, I am glad we have this toothbrush sterilizer. Do you notice that toothbrushes that are made from rubber sprout black spots that are almost impossible to remove? This also happens to the rubber that prevents spills in water bottles. 

I don't know what those are; but are probably some kind of mold because of the trapped moisture in the toothbrushes and the bathroom. 

This device prevents the black spots from forming. That is what I want to share the most.

This device also holds four toothbrushes. We are a family of five. That's why I sterilize our brushes in two batches. 

It is a great device to have. I also have peace of mind that those black spots won't appear anytime soon.

I still change our toothbrushes every three months, though.

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