10 January 2013

Purging Pre-loved Clothes A Dilemma For Me

One of my goals for the year 2013 is to purge my closet to make room for new clothes. The problem I encounter when doing that is, I have a really hard time letting go of many tops and pants. I don't really buy clothes. Most of them were given by my mom. Sentimental me cannot seem to give them up, although I have not worn them for more than a year. Should I imagine that we're changing addresses and that the moving company might charge me more if all of our stuff couldn't fit into just one truck?

This supposedly simple activity is kind of giving me a headache. So, I have home clothes that are too ratty to be given to others. Then, I have going out clothes that I can't bear to part with that I am thinking of converting into home clothes. There are nice clothes that I like but cannot fit me anymore but I cannot give away because:
  • They are gifts from loved ones.
  • They could be altered.
  • I could buy a pair of shorts or a skirt that would hide the tops' being too fit around the tummy area. I am eyeing a high-waisted one, what do you think?

I also have nice clothes that I'm hoping to sell on eBay, but the measuring and describing parts turn me off. Plus, the things I should do just to sell one item makes this idea a bit daunting.

I know I should have sold them at a bazaar, yet I think the pieces are insufficient for a bazaar type of selling, not to mention a garage sale. Also the security of the home during a garage sale seems compromised. What shall I do?

Such a dilemma, right? I feel so torn right now. I once read that one needs to be ruthless when it comes to removing clutter.

some tops I'm thinking of selling
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