22 July 2016

Human Nature Acne Defense Solution Gel

The common misconception is that pimples break out during the awkward teenage stage. I am in my 30's and pimples still appear randomly. When that happens, it goes to show that my face is really oily or there's bacteria. It also gets annoying! It's painful and a woman in her midlife having zits is not a nice sight to behold.

I haven't yet found the perfect facial wash to prevent that. But, I did discover a product that makes zits more manageable.

The Human Nature Acne Defense is a wonder product that dries up acne breakouts in 3-5 days. I can feel my skin tightening and the pimples becoming smaller, then eventually drying up. I have to be religious in applying it, though, or else it will take longer than a week. The affected area tingles and then after a few hours, the pimple becomes smaller. Eventually, only a scab will be left. I suggest not removing this with your nail so that the skin will not scar. I made this mistake and I could still see a light and faded brown spot.

It's a solution gel that I dab (it should not be rubbed!) on my pimples after I clean my face. The product's consistency is viscous. It doesn't drip when applied on the face and yet it spreads easily on large areas. It comes in a 20g pump bottle which I find easy to use. I just have to figure out how to get the last drop when it's almost empty. The packaging is simple. There's cardboard with a round hole on the bottom and there's another on the top to hold the bottle in place to avoid it rolling around in the box since the size is perfect for traveling.

It smells like herbal medicine at first, but the scent is not overpowering. I don't notice it after a few seconds.

It is made with tea tree oil that has antibacterial properties. Human Nature is a brand that manufactures natural products that are free from harmful alcohol, SLS/SLES, synthetic fragrances, parabens, etc. 

The skin absorbs 60% of topical products, that's why I am relieved that this product is 100% natural. 

I would highly recommend you defend your face from pimples using Human Nature's Acne Defense. 

15 July 2016

#Starbucks Spinach Lasagna

Of all the pasta and pizza choices in Sbarro, I find myself gravitating to its Spinach Lasagna. Maybe it's an attempt to eat healthy food while nomming on cheesy pasta!

That's why, I cannot help but order the Spinach Lasagna in Starbucks one morning. I paired it with Dark Mocha Frappuccino, a regular for me when there's no new flavor to try.

The lasagna was calling to me. But, I wish there were more gooey cheese and tomato sauce. I guess that's why it's a bit lacking in flavor. In Sbarro, extra meat sauce could be added for a few pesos. Maybe that option could be great. The way the pasta was cooked and the amount of spinach were good though.

Would I order it again? If a craving for pasta would hit me, why not?

27 April 2016

Summer So Far

At the beginning of summer, during Holy Week to be exact, my family of five trooped to Jeju Island with extended family and friends. After preparation for a much colder weather, we were set to enjoy our first international travel together. We were part of a group tour and visited lots of places, including the very pink Hello Kitty Island.

And then, we enrolled the three kids in swimming school. For ten days I prepared their things, we waited for their scheduled time, I hanged out for an hour watching them through clear glass, they showered after, we went home and they had snacks. Swimming makes them hungry.

My birthday also rolled around during this time. I celebrated it with my side of the family with a filling dinner, and this cake...

So, that's our summer so far. These days, we just stay at home, with me cleaning up some clutter. 

I hope we could go to on a local trip soon, one that is accessible from Manila. Do you have any suggestion?

03 March 2016

Pets Find A New Lap Of Luxury

Family pets are members of the family just like anyone else. People love them, pamper them and strive to provide the best things of life for their pets. These days, businesses have seized on the previously ignored idea that people will pay for luxury services for their pets if they're given the option to do so. Unfortunately for people and their pets, pets aren't always welcome when traveling. The end result of this is that people often need to board pets. One of the most popular luxury services right now is pet boarding, the best way to ensure that your pet is left in good hands while you're traveling. The advantages of boarding a pet in a luxury setting are numerous.

The best food

Pet boarding services pamper pets in every possible way. Luxury pet boarding includes the best gourmet pet foods available for the specific kind of pet you're sheltering. They get regular, healthy, gourmet foods that both delight them and keep them healthy.

A good night's sleep

Pets often suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are away. Having a luxury boarding accommodation means that they're more able to cope with the separation. Comfortable and luxurious pet beds ensure that they get the best night's sleep away from home.

Pampered pets

Pampering is more than just a good night's sleep and a great meal. Pets who stay at luxury facilities are often given playful and fun play areas where they can congregate and forget that they're away from their beloved owners for awhile. They get luxury baths and spa treatments and are always given excellent medical care should they need it during their stay. There will often be a vet on staff to ensure that all pets are taken care of in the best manner possible.

Luxury pet hotels are a relatively new thing in society but they are a wonderful thing for owners who love their pets. Pets are able to deal with the separation from their owners without having to also endure harsh boarding conditions. A luxury boarding facility for pets does a lot more than just shelter them a little bit. It makes sure that they are able to enjoy each and every moment of their time away from home in a setting that's luxurious, comfortable, safe, and even fun for them.

16 February 2016


Have you seen this kind of meme going around on Facebook?

I am like Z. I love to shop online (if I have extra money or just looking around), specifically articles of clothing, accessories and shoes because... 
  • it's more convenient than going to stores and trying on clothes
  • I am too afraid to don't drive
  • ZALORA offers 30-day return or exchange
  • ZALORA accepts cash on delivery
So, how can we be smart and stylish like Z? Click this link to find out: Buy now, pay later with COD

Be even smarter, use this code to get 15% discount on your very first purchase:

Happy online shopping!

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