19 April 2017

The Importance of Removing Mold From Your Crawl Space

Mold is devastating to your home and health. However, many homeowners don’t know where to look for mold, so they don’t know if they need mold removal services. One of the most common areas of the home where mold grows is the crawl space. Below is more information about why removing mold from your crawl space is so important.

Why Does Mold Form in Crawl Spaces?

Out of all of the places in your home for mold to form, why does it grow so often in crawl spaces? One of the main reasons is because of water buildup or dampness. Mold thrives in damp areas, and many crawl spaces provide the perfect breeding ground. Also, mold growth here often goes unchecked because many homeowners don’t treat their crawl spaces as part of their actual homes. As a result, they never check it for mold growth.

Health Hazard

Another big reason to remove mold from your crawl space is because it’s a health hazard. When mold grows in here, it starts to contaminate the air. This air can travel upward and infect the air that you breath every day.

In fact, the Environmental Protection Agency says that nearly 50 percent of the air inside of your home comes from the crawl space or basement. This is because warm air rises and escapes via the roof. Then it’s replaced with the cool air from the crawl space or basement. As the air circulates into the house, it brings mold spores with it.

Structural Damage

Besides causing you harm, mold also causes damage to the structure of your house. Mold can destroy the wood studs that act as the foundation for your home. Once the wood suffers damage, it puts the entire integrity of your home at risk. In some cases, the home becomes unlivable, so the wood studs have to be replaced.

Mold is a silent killer. To make matters worse, most homeowners aren’t even aware of the mold in their crawl spaces. Consider having a professional check your crawl space for mold growth. You may find that it needs waterproofing to prevent future mold growth.

13 March 2017

Keep Kids Safe Online with KidsEmail

When I was six years old, my daughter's age, I wasn't aware of another world - the online world. Now, my daughter is slowly immersing herself in that world via YouTube. She's even leaving comments on her favorite videos! She watches mostly My Little Pony toy reviews, other toy reviews, toy crafts and funny skits acted out using toys. She also wants to make a video of her own, but I have no idea how to edit a video.

Pretty soon, Ella's going to have friends and they will probably communicate through email when at home after school or during weekends. The worlds now - both real and online are more dangerous than before, so I will totally delay her making an account on Facebook. In my opinion, email is safer. 

The good news is that there's KidsEmail.org, a fun & safe place to send and receive emails. Getting started is as easy as 1 - register a parent account, 2 - add children, 3 - set the safety settings. Setting the safety settings could be a bit intimidating at first, but when I realize it's for my child's protection, it's quite understandable. These settings include receiving emails only from the contact list, mailing a copy of incoming & outgoing messages to the parent, filter out bad words, remove images & links, etc. I could even control the type of attachments my daughter would receive. I love that KidsEmail allows everyone to try it for free without asking for a credit card number.

After setting up Ella's email, I asked her to choose a design as the background of her very own email. She chose the rainbow one, which was not pictured in the sample designs in the image below. The fairy princess design was one option she considered.
Other very cool features include:

  • a GPS tracker that gets the historical location where children have been, if they're using their KidsEmail in an Android device
  • the mail queue that intercepts emails which didn't pass the parents' safety rules, these emails can then be approved & sent, or denied & removed
  • time restrictions that set the time of the day and the days of the week when the kids can log in, they could also be grounded and a custom message could be displayed when they attempt to sign in
  • no ads displayed so children would not see anything inappropriate
  • a custom blacklist to block specific people
In this day and age, it's hard not to let children keep up with the technology, but it is more important to keep kids safe online. I am glad there are companies out there that are concerned with children's safety online.

Have questions and want to know more? Connect with KidsEmail:

● FACEBOOK www.facebook.com/KidsEmail.org
● TWITTER twitter.com/KidsEmail
● PINTEREST www.pinterest.com/kidsemail1/
● GOOGLE+ plus.google.com/u/0/b/112369875076902375218/+KidsemailOrg
● LINKEDIN http://www.linkedin.com/company/kids-email?trk=biz-companies-cym
● BLOG blog.kidsemail.org/

20 February 2017

Dulcelin Gourmet's Frozen Mango Torte

We just came from breakfast at Poach. The mommies I was with suggested passing by Dulcelin, a residence-looking place where the order is placed with an assistant. Then, after payment, she will go in to retrieve it. I haven't tried their cakes yet, so I bought a Frozen Mango Torte, a specialty, they said. It was a cake for no occasion.

Behold! The box. A sturdy one to stand the freezer environment.

Whipped cream peaks!

The sweet whipped cream complemented the sour mangoes.

The torte was nutty and chewy.

As with frozen cakes, the challenge was cutting it right after taking it out of the freezer.

I deem it pricey at P750. What do you think?

21 October 2016

Breakfast at #CoffeeProject with Fellow Moms

The first time I went out with fellow K1 moms this school year, we trooped to the Coffee Project. It's a newly opened garden-inspired café in Quezon City.

We were greeted with flowers. 

You may wonder. "What does coffee have to do with flowers?" 

Well, I read that people use coffee grounds to fertilize their soil for plants and flowers.

We took the table right at the top of this staircase.

You would think that we have walked into a flower store when surveying this area.

We were there at past eight in the morning and we were almost the only ones around.

There were lots of knick-knacks on the nooks & crannies. I wondered whether the staff would be able to dust all of them.

The interestingly busy hallway/seating area going to the washroom. Too bad I didn't have enough time to pore through the decorated text and the words on the post-its. 

Each of us ordered the Continental Breakfast. We thought that this choice offers more value for money, although it's still pricey at Php250. It didn't even have coffee.

I was excited about the waffles, though. I love waffles! The syrup, jam and butter looked too little.

We were a bit disappointed with the service, considering there were not many customers. 
The coffee and water took a while to arrive. The server even asked us if we want the food and coffee to be served at the same time.

Therefore, I ordered a cup of Vietnamese Latte that came with a delicious cookie. The coffee was on the sweet side, yet, that's how I like mine.

I bought home a large cookie with sticky marshmallow and a (leaking) cookie cup + milk. It's my first time to try a cookie cup. Yum!

Does Coffee Project interest you?

09 September 2016

Things That Every Emergency Room Should Have

There is a very good possibility that you will need to pay a visit to an emergency room at some point. If this should happen, it is important that you receive the highest possible quality of care. The reality is that not all emergency rooms are the same when it comes to the care the offer, the experience of the staff or the equipment they use. This is why it would be in your best interests to investigate the various emergency rooms in your local area. You will then know the best one to go to in the event of an emergency. Here are the most important things that you should look for as you are checking out your local emergency rooms.

1. What type of equipment does the emergency room use to treat their patients?

This is an important detail that most people never stop to consider when they are going to an emergency room for treatment. The vast majority of people simply assume that every emergency room automatically uses the latest technology. However, that is not the case at all. Many emergency rooms are financed with a very tight budget. This means that they are not able to replace and upgrade equipment as often as they should. Therefore, the equipment may malfunction or not provide accurate readings. Try to find a free standing ER Houston that uses equipment that is new and properly maintained.

2. The emergency room that you choose should not keep you in the waiting room for a long period of time.

People who make the decision to visit an emergency room are doing this because there is something seriously wrong with them. You have decided that the medical problem you have is serious enough that you require immediate treatment. You will not be able to wait for a normal doctor's appointment. Unfortunately, many emergency rooms have the bad habit of making their patients wait for incredibly long periods of time before they are seen by a doctor or nurse. Choose an emergency room that examines their patients promptly.

3. The staff at the emergency room should be qualified to adequately treat a wide variety of illnesses and injuries.

All of the best emergency rooms are prepared to help people regardless of what their medical problem is. You never want to be in a situation where an emergency room is not equipped to help you.
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