01 December 2017

Dessert at Ice Flower

The Interior of Ice Flower, SM North

The bare concrete look of the floor and walls contrasts sharply with the colorful tables and chairs. The area was big, that four children played hide-and-seek, provided they did not disturb the other customers. I think the mixed furniture style of the place projected an image of fun and playfulness. 

Supposed to be, a small glass-enclosed L-shaped section fronting the restaurant gave people a cool treat with a snow-making machine. Unfortunately, that day, it was not working. :-(

What We Ordered At Ice Flower

Below were the two flavors of Bingsoo the kids chose. Blueberry with cheese and choco Oreo something, with cheese too, since you can get additional cheese for an additional cost. I think. The cheese was delicious. It would not seem to go well with dessert, but it does! For cheese nonlovers though, like my son, it would be better if someone else consumed the cheese.

The ice was so soft that I think they were made from frozen creamy milk. There’s also extra milk that you can pour over the finely shaved milk ice. 

We had bowls of dairy overloaded dessert - milky ice, cheese and for the choco Oreo something, a scoop of ice cream. Definitely not for the lactose intolerant! 

Have you tried Bingsoo or Bingsu? Which one is the correct term? What do you think of it?

18 October 2017

Ramen Craving Satisfied

It was a cool evening. Or maybe it was because I just showered. 

Even while I was at Ace Water Spa, ramen was on my mind. Or maybe even before we got to swimming class, I was already craving. I kind of felt like a pregnant woman. Glad my hubby went along with it. Teehee!

TORITON SHOYU (Soy Sauce Base) Php360
If I'm not mistaken, this was my order. The egg was deliciously cooked. The soup was not that tasty, though. It’s as if the meat was burnt because there was a hint of bitterness on it and bled into the soup.

TORITON TAN-TAN MEN (Spicy Ramen) Php380
This was my hubby's order. He likes spicy food, but he wasn't impressed with this. He sprinkled it with lots and lots of chili powder. 

The ordering style here is different than our frequently visited Ajisen. Upon entering, we needed to go to a counter to order and then pay right away, before we get to sit down. There is a chance we could be seated beside a stranger because there were no individual tables. The long table wraps around the sort of open kitchen. Everyone faces the same direction. The kitchen, where they prepare the food, also contains the people who serve. 

I had my ramen, though! Ramen craving satisfied. But, I don't think we'll go back to Ramen Shokudo.

05 October 2017

Lunch at Sear via Booky

I have the Booky application on my phone for years and I haven't used it even once. Finally, I had an opportunity when we went out for lunch. Rix asked me what I wanted to eat. I jokingly said steak. I opened the Booky app and searched for Banawe area. An offer from Sear Steak Scullery popped up. 

Good thing I did not need to call for a reservation. I am one of the people who shy away from phone calls. Glad it can be done via text messaging. I was notified of a confirmation from Sear. The reservation was for 12 noon, but we were not kept waiting when we arrived early. Points for that!

It's located on the second floor of 238 Center, Banawe Corner Panalturan Street, Banawe, Quezon City. 

The theme of the restaurant is kind of Western. The staff were wearing cowboy and cowgirl outfits. See the horseshoes and saddle on the wall?

We ordered beef lasagna in white sauce, fish nuggets, and dry-aged ribeye. We actually ordered T-bone steaks, but the server came back and told us that there was no delivery yet.

The beef lasagna was creamy and cheesy. It was a different take without the tomato sauce. The ground beef was a little salty.

The fish nuggets were delicious. the outside was crunchy and inside, the fish inside was nicely flaking. It came with tartar sauce.

The photo below shows the dry-aged ribeye we had. It wasn't served on a sizzling plate, as I expected. It came with a bowl of mushroom soup for each of us, a bread basket with four pieces of bread and a small plate of flavored butter (pimiento, it seemed), a big serving of mashed potatoes, buttered French beans and corn, and two cups of sweet soft-serve ice cream. 

The mediumly done beef was soft and tasty, even without the A1 and Worcestershire sauces. There were bits of fat, but mostly not. 

When we were almost finished eating, I received a text message from Booky. I could get a free dessert when I answer the survey. I did. But, we didn't claim it anymore because we were full. We even took home some fish nuggets for the kids to try.

It was a unique experience. Booky allowed us to explore new places in the neighborhood that we haven't tried yet. We chose Sear because it was one of the two restaurants that offered Php300 off the bill, provided it reached a thousand.

Did you use Booky? How was your experience with it?

25 September 2017

Is Micellar Water a must?

I first read about Micellar Water in a mommy blog. Since I have poor facial skin, it piqued my curiosity.

Therefore, when I bought gifts for my friend from Beauty MNL, I added a bottle of Micellar Water for me.

Now that I have one, I have no idea when to incorporate it into my skincare routine.

I searched online and this article from L'Oreal popped out.

I haven't done my face with full make-up yet, therefore, I used Micellar Water right after gym.

According to the article:

Cleanse skin after a workout.
Since micellar water requires no water to dampen the skin or rinse with, it makes it a great cleansing option to take with you when you are on-the-go or after a workout at the gym. It’s important to clean skin after a workout so that sweat on your skin won’t mix with oil and clog your pores.

The first time I used it at home, my face felt sticky. Maybe because it was humid. Or my skin wasn't accustomed to the product yet.

When I used it after my workout at the gym, with the aircon on, my face felt refreshed. The cotton ball I used had visible traces of dark-colored residue. My cheeks felt smooth.

I hope that skin on my face will improve with each use.

right after workout, right after applying micellar water

20 July 2017

What Makes a Good Seafood Restaurant?

Do you have a taste for seafood? If this is the case, you will need to decide where you are going to do your dining. Every town has a variety of seafood restaurants to choose from. However, the quality of the food that you will find at these places will vary greatly. Therefore, you should never assume that all of the places that serve seafood will provide you the same quality of food. This is why you should really take the time to research a place to eat if you are serious about finding the highest quality seafood in your area. Here are the things you should look for.

1. Where has the chef worked in the past?

You should check out the level of experience that the chef has. This will give you some idea about how much skill the chef has. You need to find a seafood restaurant that has a master chef who has been working full-time for at least five years. You should also pay very close attention to the specific restaurants the chef has been employed by in the past.

2. You should look closely at the menu of the restaurant to make sure they serve what you want.

Not all seafood places will serve the same dishes. You will also find that some similar dishes are prepared differently depending on the restaurant. The way they are prepared will often depend on what part of the country the restaurant is located in. For example, seafood restaurants in Allen TX might serve their dishes with spicy sauce. Most restaurants will have their menus listed on their websites. Take a look at this so you do not waste your time going to a place that does not serve what you want.

3. Does the seafood restaurant offer frequent specials?

It's always nice to find a seafood restaurant where you can save some money and get a good meal at the same time. Therefore, you should take a look to find out which seafood restaurants offer specials on a regular basis. You can save a great deal of money if you choose to eat your meals at the right time.

4. What sort of reviews has the restaurant received?

Read some online reviews of the seafood places in your area. You will be able to get an idea about the quality of the food they serve.

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