14 January 2013

LED light bulbs are helpful to moms, too!

Do you plan to use LED light bulbs? Do you have LED light bulbs as replacement light bulbs? These are the advantages of LED light bulbs, according to my husband, Rix:
  • Environment-friendly since they don't heat up easily
  • Takes a long time for them to be busted, compared with a CFL
  • Energy-efficient since just a few amperes are consumed
  • The luminosity of LED light bulbs is higher than the usual CFL
Of course, the cost of LED lights are still high since they are not the "mainstream" lights, and the technology used is still fairly new.

You may be wondering why I said that they are helpful to moms.

Since LED lights do not have filaments that heat up, it is okay to keep them turned on for longer periods of time. We use LED bulbs for the lights on the perimeter outside our house in the evening and all throughout the night. This is for safety purposes.

Since my daughter is scared of the dark, she would wake me up or her dad (if her little sister is still breastfeeding while sleeping), just to turn on the light in the bathroom. Sometimes, daddy Rix would be in a bad mood and get angry at her for waking him from his slumber. We have tried the censor light thingy from a hardware store, but I guess the light was too small and it's colored blue, Elle was convinced it's still too dark. The solution is that, as suggested, we decided to keep the light in the bathroom turned on until dawn or until one o-clock in the morning. And so, we changed the CFL's in the bathroom to LED light bulbs. Yay! Problem solved!

Now, I just have to remember to keep it on for her. :-)
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