13 November 2003

kinda just finished taking a bath and my hair is still wet so i cant go to sleep yet.

ive changed the colors of the background and texts of my internet explorer thru the internet tools. it's exciting! hehehe=P rix helped me discover this. it's cool!

*sigh* i thought i will be able to go to Binondo tomorrow, to buy stickers and maybe cd's, to borrow books of Photoshop and Flash from Bryan a.k.a. N\O in chat. and visit my angkong and my cousins, and have lens put into my new eyeglass frame... but i have to stay home and oversee the work of the painter on my dhya's cabs. *sigh* very troublesome... very irresponsible owner... leaving others to do what was supposed to do.

this coming sat will be the UPCSA Alumni Homecoming already. i hope it would be enjoyable. i hope i wont be out of place as it seems i only know a few ppl there. *sigh*
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