17 December 2004

My lil bro and I have already given our dogs their Christmas presents-baths!!!
I haven't wrapped most of my gift items yet. *sigh* Laziness is getting the better of me. Argh
It's been so long since I posted an entry here. I really thought my blog spot here has been terminated. Well, I searched and I found!
Why do others get to go to parties and I don't? I was the one stuck in planning a gimmick. *sigh* Why did I accept this? Well, as if it was assigned... Oh, well, it will come naturally, I hope. I need to have an idea of the place or else I wouldn't be able to make the "invitations" which I am excited in making and sending out. I only like that part. :p
Today is our 3rd anniversary. But we celebrated it ahead of time `coz we couldn't meet today, he needs to go somewhere. Oh, well.
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