12 April 2005


It is 6:02pm and a few hours to go and my birthday is almost finished.
I did not go to work because I had to renew my driver's license. It took me two hours to get that task done. Rix accompanied me today. After that, we had lunch here at home then we had his vehicle washed then we had dessert at Jack's Loft.
I am quite happy today and even if our time together was spent simply, I think this is one of my best birthdays.
Later I will be having dinner with my family either at Napoli or at Don Henrico's, I am not so sure. I will be treating them, for the first time, I suppose. Unfortunately Rix wouldn't be able to come with us for he had family matters of his own. I do hope he enjoys his company, the ambience and the food.
So I am getting old. But I am not really sure if I am maturing in thoughts, words and deeds.
Sometimes I think I behave, act and react like a child. Childish or child-like? Whichever it is, I suppose the notion is not very beneficial.
Anyway, change is necessary but hard to come by. Often people do not like to take the risk and stick with what they were used to. But there are some who are fortunately adventurous and can afford to take the risk of change. Which am I?
I think much but when it is time for me to write my thoughts, my mind get blocked. Funny. *sigh*
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