22 June 2008


Very early this morning, the wind was so strong that it seems to be blowing off corrugated roofings. Then it stopped and the rain poured with all of its might. The wind came back and it sent raindrops, large ones, through our windows. Water was also sent flooding through the connections of our bedroom wall with the ceiling and the floor. Now, it's raining outside and inside, too! Some areas have no electricity. I am thankful to God our vicinity did not lose it. Or else, I wouldn't be able to compose my blog right now. :-)
We went out even though it was raining. The avenue we usually take towards the place was impassable because of the deep flood, so we took a different route. Rix, Elhaym and I attended Ferdee's bakeshop's grand opening and blessing. Catered food was prepared for the guests. There was fried rice, baked macaroni, sauteed vegetables, grilled chicken, lengua with red sauce, breaded fish, and two choices of dessert that are white gelatin with fruit cocktail and mango crepe. Yum! Even though there is typhoon, plenty of family and friends graced the event. :-)
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