14 September 2008

A book lover's haven

I got this notification in my email and decided to go with Rix and Elhaym.

It's a good thing the entrance was inexpensive - 10 pesos for each adult. But then we availed of the valet service and had to pay 80 pesos + tip.

The place was packed with so many booths I didn't know where to start. I thought we had visited all, but we missed Fully Booked. The fair doesn't end 'til the 16th, catch it if you can, you'd get plenty of good finds.

There were inspirational books, references, specialty books, classics, fiction and many, many children's books. I think children's books really sell nowadays, especially to young couples, who are starting to get the feel of the family thing, and are looking for good stuff to teach their children, something that even a yaya can understand. We even saw an interesting set of books that come with a sort of Walkman with a special type of pen. The pages of the book have little circles where you should point the pen, then additional information or trivia on the subject will blare from the Walkman. Cool, huh? Cool price too, at around 48,000 pesos. What the...!? Never mind!

What I bought: Jesus, Entrepreneur by Laurie Beth Jones
What Rix bought: Two Photography books
What we bought for Elhaym: A set of electronic learning materials that teaches the ABC, phonetics, writing letters, and has assessments
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