27 March 2009

Ceemee's Bucket List

Compile and publish my very own poetry book
I love getting inspired and composing poems. I want to share them with others, especially the ones pertaining to the Lord, that others may also see His goodness.

Start and manage our very own successful business
This enables me to have time in my hands so I could personally take care of my daughter and be there as she grows up.

Visit Ireland
I want to see the emerald hills, to see the pot of gold at the end of each rainbow and to befriend pixies and leprechauns.

Learn how to drive confidently
I have fears when driving: to be caught by the traffic enforcer, to get hit or to hit other cars, to run out of gas, to have flat or busted tires.

Grow our own vegetables and fruits
And to sell them, too! So I won't have to always buy from the market, and it seems like a good hobby. And add flowers to that!

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