06 April 2009

Palm Sunday Trip

At last, I got to ride the cable car during my 3rd visit to Tagaytay Highlands. Behind us in the photo were the mountain, trees and log cabins (I think). We went with Rix - my hubby and my mom. The four of us tagged along with my brother who had rented a log cabin for an overnight stay with his wife's siblings and their families. We were there for a day tour.

First, we drove to Laguna where we met up with my sister-in-law's siblings at Jollibee. After they arrived, we had lunch at Leslie's Restaurant, which has a great view of Taal Volcano. Too bad I didn't have a photo of that. Then after they checked in, we stopped by the log cabin, which looked pretty much the same as the last time we rented it. We got the guest card so Rix, Elhaym, my mom and I headed for the swimming pool. Elhaym was really excited and kept saying "Hweeming". I put sunblock on her and forgot to rub some on myself! LOL. I guess I was excited, too. We descended the small flight of stairs to the cold pool. Elhaym did not seem to mind and wasted no time splashing the water. Plenty of people were taking a dip, too, most of them with kids, but it was not overcrowded, thank God. After about an hour of playing with water and watching Elhaym enjoy, we showered then took a few pictures on the bridge over the pool before we headed to the horseback riding area. Nope, we didn't get to ride a horse, but at least Elhaym got to see a real, live, breathing horse. I wanted to take her to the zoo when she's a bigger, because she likes animals.

Elhaym, my mom and I fell in line for the cable car ride. We almost backed out because my mom thought it would take too long. Well, it kinda did. Elhaym was getting impatient. Obviously, we didn't and we even got to be included in the last trip. Whew! It was a spine-tingling ride for me as we were already super high above the mountains and I was a bit scared to look down at the trees below. What I did was I pointed out the sky, the trees, the mountains, the houses, and the golf course to Elhaym. A blast of cool air welcomed us when the doors opened, as it was already late in the afternoon. We arrived at the Country Club where Rix was waiting for us. We again drove to the log cabin to retrieve the leftovers from lunch and the doggie bag for Mocha, the mongrel that looks like a Pomeranian.

We were heading to Manila at around 6 in the evening. Elhaym seemed pooped out as she slept the whole way to Aristocrat where we had dinner. I could hardly keep myself awake, too. We then brought my mom home where dad was waiting. We stayed for less than 5 minutes then home we went. Elhaym slept again, cried a bit while I changed her into a fresh diaper and PJ's, then drifted to Dreamland again. I also did after I prepared for bed.

That's our first swimming trip for the summer. I hope we get to swim again soon.
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