02 September 2009

Discovering Private Iris

Wow! It's September already! Soon, Christmas holidays will be here and then there's the list we have to make.

But, before I start with that and begin imagining what to buy for who, I consulted with our financial planner friend on some money matters and he introduced me to Private Iris. She's a character from a comic book for kids with the same title, written by Jamie Bautista with art by Arnold Arre. He gave me the first issue as a starter and I found it interesting. I will be sure to keep it and let my daughter read it when she's older. It's a special kind of comic book as there's a card number and PIN inside which when encoded in its site, sort of opens an account for the child with a balance of PhP100. And it really earns an interest! It was made to teach children how to save their money. Plus, they also get to be insured under Pioneer Insurance until they turn 14 years old. I really look forward to reading the 2nd issue. And, adding another PhP100 to my daughter's savings.
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