12 September 2009

I don't want to get sick..., there!

When I was in college, I had a design class which touched upon the subject of hospital design.

The trend in hospital design at present is its similarity with hotel design. The comfort of the clients and their accessibility is at the top of the mind. The aim is to improve the relationship between doctors and patients. Those that are in need of medical attention need not be intimidated by the hospital's environment. Designers and hospital personnel now believe that the overall design and feel of the hospital contribute to the patients' health improvement. Gone are the harsh daylight fluorescent lamps in the lobby, which are replaced by warm light. Texture and color are being introduced in the areas. Mood lighting is being used in the private rooms and some hospitals have a birthing room for those who want to be with their family as they give birth to the latest addition.

My classmates presented arguments on this. As hospitals are now claiming to be people-friendly, won't patients be encouraged to stay there as long as they want? Would they have the desire to get well? I wonder, can a person be admitted even if they don't have any ailment? If yes, a hospital can very well be a hotel, too!

I know of one hospital that doesn't want its patients to stay, though. I don't mean to be admitted there or be rushed to its ER so often, but aside from its old-fashioned interiors, the health care service they provide are going from bad to worse, in hubby's and my opinions.
  • Most of the doctors there are competitive, but some doctors and nurses don't seem to care for what the patients or their guardians say or feel.
  • They just relay to us what they have been told and when asked questions, they couldn't seem to give a satisfying answer.
  • There is a significant increase in the number of students who are interning at the hospital. When they come to check the blood pressure, the temperature or when they accompany a doctor, they don't even introduce themselves as interns or the doctors don't even tell us that with them are students who are there to observe.
  • The last time my daughter was admitted, we were charged for some stuff that we didn't even get to use.
  • The radiology and some department personnel seems to be loaded with problems, the people behind the desks are always scowling and unfriendly.
If it weren't for the doctors and its budget-friendly prices, I wouldn't be doing business with them. If I were to undergo my gall bladder removal operation, it looks like I will be having it there. I will try to ask the doctor if I could have it elsewhere. Is that even possible?
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