18 September 2010

Love, Charleston by Beth Webb Hart

The story revolves around the lives of sisters Alisha and Anne, their cousin Della and a priest named Roy. Alisha has always wanted a happy family, but it seems his husband's ambitions are getting in the way. Anne had heard God tell her to wait in Charleston for the love of her life to come. But she's getting impatient, and Alisha and Della are encouraging her to find it elsewhere. Della's former fiance returns and she doubts she had made the right choice when she married her talented yet unemployed husband. Roy, a widower, had been ministering to a country church when God calls Him to serve at a prestigious church in Charleston. He couldn't help but wonder why...

Love, Charleston is a fitting title as the book centers on love in several aspects - romantic, familial, and spiritual, which take place in a historical city called Charleston and how the characters relate to it. I find the book quite riveting and as a Christian and a married woman with kids of my own, I could relate to the characters on different levels. It made me think of making decisions in life. Are they for selfish reasons? Or are they centered on God's will? And children, even if they are still young, play a vital role in the family. The insights they unknowingly let our hearts see are amazing. Though I get distracted by the unnecessary actions and mannerisms described in the book that accompany dialogues, the progress of events made me unable to put the book down sometimes. The author did not create perfect characters, which is great, but I think Anne and Roy seem too good to be true. I would recommend this book as it made me appreciate, look unto God, and hope.

I received this book free from Thomas Nelson through Booksneeze.com. I was not required to write a positive review. The opinions I have expressed are my own.

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