08 September 2010

Mommy In Business

Now that I am married and have my own kids, I cannot imagine myself going back to being an employee. Yet, I desire to have my own source of income. One way that I think I could achieve this is to have my own business, where I am my own boss and that I'll have time for my kids. I suppose this would enable me to work from home. But setting up a business is no joke, or no easy feat. There are a lot to think about, to consider, like what I should sell or what services I could offer. I also need to know what market I'd like to target, to discover my niche. And then there are the business papers to attend to. I also have to contemplate on getting a business insurance quote. Then, there are people to hire and finding a most strategic location, if I am going to open a store. And, if this business becomes big and international (I could dream, couldn't I?), I would also have to search for business insurance in Texas or California business insurance, for example. 

This is not some far away dream as there are many, many moms out there who are living this dream. This dream of having their own business and being a cool mommy to their children, plus being a supportive and dutiful wife, all at the same time. I hope that some day, I could accomplish this also, with God's blessing.
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