20 November 2010

Human Nature 100% Natural Strengthening Shampoo

Does your scalp itch? Do you have dandruff? Have you tried different brands of anti-dandruff shampoo but cannot seem to find which one works best? Then you are like me. I tried several commercial anti-dandruff shampoo brands but I always find myself having the need to switch.

But, the reason I decided to try Human Nature's Strengthening Shampoo is because one of my friends said that it's effective in controlling hairfall. Yes, I also have hairfall. But this time I was shedding more because I just gave birth last July, and doctors say that the mommy's hair will normally fall out excessively after childbirth. Even if it's a normal occurence, I still feel it's crazy and quite annoying - hair everywhere! On my plate, on my kids, on the bed and in Caleb's crib, the drain in the shower area especially, on the hairbrush and on the floor are where my hair can be found. After a week's use, it looks like my hairfall became less, although not a very dramatic change as it takes time. But, hey, it works!
I tried the peppermint scent, so cool on the scalp!
Even though it's not an anti-dandruff shampoo, this Strengthening Shampoo also did the job of one. In my opinion, it's because the shampoo is all natural and leaves no dandruff-causing residue on my scalp. And because it's all natural, my scalp doesn't get irritated, unlike the effect of shampoos filled with harmful chemicals. I am going to try the cucumber or rosemary scent next, for a silky smooth finish. :-)

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