02 January 2011

To Me From Me (I'm a Sole Sister)

How narcissistic, right?
Well, I bought myself a gift for Christmas 2010. It was a pair of flats. It was something I promised myself I would have. It was the second item I bought online, but it was the first I purchased for myself. I joined Sole Sister's Christmas promo and got the pair for 649 Php instead of the ordinary price which is 795 Php. I had the shoes shipped to me so there is a courier charge of 90 Php.

I love purple (violet, lavender)! I know it is kind of hard to pair it with the right clothes, but the style nowadays is anything goes. I first wore it to my daughter's Christmas program last December 18.

It was a comfy pair albeit a bit too big for me, just a tiny bit. The sides were not snug against my feet, but the good thing was that they don't easily slip off while I was walking, unlike others I have tried that made me have difficulty getting around. I didn't need to put in-soles just to make it the perfect size for me. If I get a size lower, it might be too tight. I just might be a half size, again. I was sure my feet got bigger when I gave birth to my first child. I was assuming it got even bigger after having my second child. I guess I was wrong.
Anyway, over all, I like it. Maybe next time I'll get one of Sole Sister's garterized designs. Also, I am eyeing one of their bags. My first pick is this:

Next choice is this:

I didn't want the purple one because I think it's too "matchy-matchy". Hehe! What do you think?

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