16 February 2011

Ho-hum Hot Air Balloon Fiesta

My hubby Rix, his friends, the kids and I left at around 1 am last Sunday for the final installment of the 2011 Hot Air Balloon Fiesta. I think I was sleepwalking towards the car, with baby in arms! We arrived at around 3:30 am (with a stop over) and were surprised to see the parking lot almost full. Did the other people camp there or something?

Sea of people

So, while it was dark and cold, we sauntered towards the grounds. Rix found a spot near the fence dividing the spectators from the hot air balloons and there we waited. While the balloonists were setting up their stuff, a booming voice was welcoming us, listing down the day's events and providing info on hot air balloons. Paragliders also graced the sky and towards the end of the National Anthem, one of them glided past with the Philippine flag.

Mountain/volcano in the background

One by one, the hot air balloons filled up with air and soared to the sky.

Up, up and away!
Kites dotted the sky
It was getting hard to take pictures of the balloons since they were against the sun. So I resorted to Hipstamatic application. Glad to have it!

Back of Darth Vader's head

Giant mushroom with elves
The photo below was taken in the area with booths selling souvenirs, kites, coconut juice, etc. There were many people purchasing mini hot air balloons and kites that they had to arrange them into 4 lines.

Some stationary hot air balloons
After that, we headed to the car and drove off to our lunch destination. Well, we didn't really drive off immediately for the way out of the parking lot was jammed and it took us nearly two hours just to leave the place. Imagine that!

It wasn't as exciting as I expected, although it was the first time I watched something like that. It was also an uncomfortable experience with so many people in one place and with kids in tow. It was also disappointing that people could be so:

  • selfish and mean
  • without courtesy, they don't even say "excuse me"
  • disrespectful of others, we came early so we could get a nice place with a nice view but they suddenly went in front of us and planted themselves there. We didn't complain anymore since we don't want trouble.

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