28 October 2011

A Sudden Christmas-y Feeling

You know how Christmas is associated with merry-making, gifts, and an over all happy, expectant feeling; I actually felt glum and not very festive. The reason has to do with the financial aspect of my life. I know that it's wrong to equate celebrating this season with money, but that's just how it is in this world. Even with deal sites like Ensogo, Pakyaw, Yipit, Buyanihan, Deal Grocer, Groupon, etc., I wouldn't be able to take advantage of stuff like Chicago daily offers and purchase gifts for family and friends. I even have a wish list of material things that I know I wouldn't be able to afford in years or maybe even decades.

Before I make you all depressed with my rant, it is under these circumstances that God shows me what's truly valuable in life. Sure, I have a long list of wants, but I also have all that I need. He also pointed out to me that I won't be able to bring any material thing with me when I die. Everyday, there sure is something I could be thankful to Him for, especially the intangible stuff like good health for me and my family, God's protection, love of my family, cherished memories, etc. 

That wish list could be my motivation for striving to generate income for my family and myself. But, I want to do something that I love, my kids will love, and most importantly, something that God will love and will bring Him glory. 

This realization made me feel like a kid again, anticipating the arrival of Christmas as celebrating the Lord not with what I wish to have, but with what I have now.

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