19 November 2011

Ceemee's Mommy Mission Statement

When I was younger, I heard "horror" stories from my aunts and even from my own mom about the birthing process and how super duper painful it was. My imagination went overdrive and I vowed (together with my cousins) never to get married so we won't experience it. Two decades later, here I am, a wife and mother to three children. It seemed I ate my words. And, it seemed it was God's idea that I become a mom. 

There are times when I feel that this life is surreal, like it's a dream I'm going to wake up from any time soon. But,    a soft "Mommy" from my four-year-old, touching my one-year-old's smooth skin and chubby cheeks, and feeling the weight of my one-month-old's head on the crook of my neck, made me go, "Gosh! I'm really a mommy! There's no resignation." Haha!

Since there is no turning back, I guess my mission in life is to be the best mom to these three children the Lord has blessed me with. 

  • As a Christian mom, leading my kids to Christ is one of my duties. To read the Bible with them, to always pray with them and over them, to send them to a good Christian school are what I aim. 
  • I also want to help them develop qualities that will be beneficial for them until they are adults. These qualities include: being humble yet confident, simple yet outstanding, honest yet tactful, outspoken yet a listener, contented yet an achiever.
  • To help them appreciate the presence of their daddy in their lives as we are blessed to have our own business and that my hubby has time for family matters.
  • Confession: I am just a beginner at cooking. I aim to get better so my children could look forward to easy, healthy yet delicious meals from their mother.
  • To shower my kids with many, many hugs and kisses; to incorporate much laughter, humor and fun so they would actually enjoy being part of our family.
  • There is so much to learn from children. It is the best education I could get on this lifelong course of being a mother.
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