07 November 2011

Weekday at Megamall

One weekday found our little family at Megamall because my hubby Rix needed to take care of something. There was an LTO there so I also renewed my driver's license. When he separated himself from us after lunch, my kids plus a yaya and I had time to do some kiddie stuff. My 4-year-old rode the carousel twice. 

hooray for carousels!
I spied the LEGO room inside Toy Kingdom with just a few kids playing, so I pushed my son who was in the stroller and inquired if there's an entrance fee. There was none, yay! 

LEGO play area
building something pink
While Elle was busy playing with the yaya looking on, while Caleb was sleeping in the stroller, I wheeled him out to a nearby yogurt place and had this:

sneaky mommy!
Going to a busy mall like Megamall on a weekday was great because there were fewer people about even at an early hour. Recently, we tend to avoid the malls on weekends. Since we have very small kids, we don't like super crowded places. Hope we could repeat this some time.
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