13 November 2012

New Home Visit

My family and I spent time at our friends Lau and Beth's new home. The photographer husbands styled and shot Beth's products, the kids were curious about the surroundings, the moms talked, and we all had a nice dinner of steak, French beans, mashed potato, a salad of lettuce, cucumber & crabsticks topped with a very yummy dressing of toasted sesame.

Elle was excited to go that when we went out to visit her lola's grave in the morning, she thought we're already heading there. I guess, like me, she likes new things, too. Who doesn't anyway? It makes us so giddy and happy. Even if that new thing isn't ours. And here came Elle's wish, to have a new home.

That was my wish, too. But, it wasn't in our concrete plans yet. There are so many things to consider when we're going to do a déménagement longue distance or move to the neighboring city.
Points like these need to be thought thoroughly since it's a big change:

  • Where to? It should be a good neighborhood with accessibility to fresh air. Oh, and the place should not be flooded when it rains.
  • How much? It might break the bank with the value of houses now.
  • How about hubby's workplace? Because right now, it's just walking distance.
  • If we're going to move, I want it to be into our dream house already (I don't know if it's feasible).
  • Will there be good Christian schools around with Chinese education?
  • Finding good and trustworthy movers. I don't know how many trucks our stuff could fit into.
Well, as of now, I think I should collect pegs of how I want our dream house to look like. For example, I want the Master Bathroom to have two separate sinks with a really nice counter-top. Like this:

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