22 January 2013

Bye Bye Moving

I have lived in QC for the most part of my life, save for one time we relocated to Manila. I was still little then and didn't recollect the reasons why my parents made that decision. I also didn't remember packing and whether my parents hired someone like ottawa movers to transport all our belongings to Manila. I just remembered that I was looking everywhere for my little jar of hair-clips and was a little devastated that I couldn't find my favorite ones. Come to think of it, I forgot how that looked like!

Anyway, I guess making a list or an inventory of our belongings prior to moving is very vital, and maybe classifying them according to importance is needed. I guess it's a great way to have a more uncluttered space because I know I wouldn't want to bring things I don't use to our new home, except for really memorable ones. :-P

Now that that's out of the way, perusing a site like www.byebyemovingottawa.com would be helpful in looking for a demenagement gatineau, if that is your area. The website is clean and simple, and offered in French or English since it's Canadian. I clicked on the Residential Movers as it's the one I'm interested in. I like that the contact numbers are already splashed at the top so visitors won't need to search for it in the pages anymore. They offer packing services if you do not want to do it yourself. All of their trucks are equipped with air suspension for maximum protection of prized possessions. The website offers a free estimate form and a printable inventory checklist. I love how detailed the form is! They also have packing supplies like boxes, mattress covers and shrink wraps - which I wouldn't think of! They also have snow (not applicable to me but it's nice) and junk removal services. They also have moving tips which I will certainly read through when it's our time to move.

This would be a great site to refer to, even if I'm in the Philippines. If I were to make a site like that for my country, I would add an optional Feng Shui service since some people want to know which dates are perfect for moving (like wedding dates), especially the Chinese. :-)
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