25 February 2013

Should I be neighborly?

I have been living here in this part of the country for six years already. The same length of time as my marriage to my dear hubby Rix. I admit, I have never thought of knowing about the other people on this same street where we reside when I first moved in. But, up until now, I still don't know what business they are in. I have no idea whether they are in garments manufacturing or steel supply, or probably employed somewhere. It could be that it's really like this here, I was not briefed. Since I am a shy and quiet person, I did not make any move to get to know the neighbors. I interact with more people online than in real life. The people I see face to face and talk with are family members, relatives, friends of Rix, and my friends, some of whom I don't even see that often. 

I would stand on the balcony with my children at times and observe what's going on down the street. The only person who calls my attention with a smile is the taho (soy pudding) vendor. Well, it seems nobody's complaining anyway, so I don't need to bend over backwards and offer them food or anything. I always see in American movies that if someone in the neighborhood just moved in, he/she/the family would be welcomed with a basket of home-cooked food or baked goodies. It seems that's not applicable here. I wonder if that's the case in guarded villages? How about you? If you have moved into a new house, did people in your neighborhood welcomed you or talked with you?

our street at night, view from the balcony
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