21 March 2013

Stylish Maternity Dresses

The last time I was pregnant, I sort of promised myself I would take me shopping for some pretty spring maternity dresses I saw at boutiques in the mall. That didn't quite happen as I was caught up with life. Plus, I couldn't bear to buy new dresses I would wear for just a few months. Also, I have ordinary clothes that I could use while sporting a big belly. I would like to think that only my belly got big, and not my whole body. My mom got me a couple of maternity wear from China that I got to wear for less than 10 times.

And then, I suddenly wanted an outdoor maternity shoot before my scheduled C-section. I realized that I had no flowery maternity dress. I searched my closet and found a summer dress I bought not too long ago. Praying that it will fit, I slipped on the dress. And...
ta-da! the result!
If I had planned earlier that I would have my photos taken before I gave birth, I would have chosen dresses like these from www.momobaby.com:

It's so great that stylish maternity dresses are available already. They would certainly enhance a pregnant woman's already blooming countenance.

What is better is that after giving birth, these dresses could still be utilized and would look flattering on any body shape. And, even better is when they are breastfeeding-friendly!

I also love these ones below:

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