12 July 2013

Back To U.P., Alone

U.P., or University of the Philippines was where I got my university degree ten years ago. Although I have been back there recently with my hubby and our kids, it is only last Saturday that I went back there alone, taking jeepney ride after jeepney ride towards and around the place. I was there to attend the KUTING orientation seminar. It felt like I'm a freshman again. There were so many changes in U.P. that I thought I was getting lost, I alighted at the wrong waiting shed because the jeepney I rode on did not pass by in front of where I was going to, so I had to walk a long way back to the building, and got super sweaty. Thank God I was not late yet.

During the break, I decided to buy a bottle of water. This was one thing I should have brought. I walked again to the nearest sari-sari store, which was across the next building. I walked faster, afraid that the test might start soon. I think I need to visit U.P. more often, I would get good exercise there! :-D

KUTING orsem

I also shot a short video of one of my favorite places after the orsem. Here's the link: http://instagram.com/p/bcnX23CSch/ It really felt good to be surrounded by lots of trees and to have listened to sounds of the birds on the branches. 

Fortunately, I didn't have to go home alone, for my dear hubby Rix went and fetched me. Thank you, my darling!
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