27 July 2013

Choosing Corner TV Stands

When looking at corner TV stands at StandsandMounts.com, you should look at all of the features that the stands offer so that you can find the right one for you. First off, start with the size of the stand. Measure your space to make sure that it will fit and then look at the weight specifications to ensure that it will be able to support your TV.

I like this!

Next, look at the amount of storage space that is offered. If you are just going to set your TV on top of the stand and not use it for anything else, storage space is not important. However, you probably have a lot of accessories, such as extra cables or spare remote controls, that are currently making your TV room look fairly cluttered. If you get a stand that has drawers or at least an open compartment behind a set of doors, you can then store away all of those little things so that the room looks clean, though everything will still be close at hand.

Finally, you should make sure that the stand has the right number of holes in the back panel so that you can get all of your cords through it. Are you going to be hooking up a cable box or a satellite receiver? Do you have a video game console or a DVD player? The more things you have, the more cords need to be able to fit through the hole, attaching all of your devices together.
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