24 July 2015

Slowly Updating My Wardrobe

Being in my 30's, I have accepted a few things about myself. One of these is my figure. I have stopped holding out hope that I will go back to my pre-pregnancy figure. I have learned to love my mommy body, curves and all. But it's not that I will just let myself go, and eat whatever without a care. Of course, I want to be healthy for my children!

With that said, it's out with the old. The tank and halter tops, the fitted t-shirts, the tight jeans. And it's in with the new! The longer tops which skim the figure but not hugging it tightly, the loose and comfy but not frumpy tops, the leggings, the maxi dresses, the long skirts, the bespoke jeans.

I am slowly updating my wardrobe. I am slowly filling my closet with pieces that I truly like. I am slowly stocking up on pieces that I find comfortable. I am slowly hanging up black, white, grey and neutral tops. I find myself liking colorful clothes one day, and not anymore the next. Maybe I have grown old... Maybe I don't want to spend more time choosing what to wear.

As usual, I turn to my favorite online clothes shopping site: Zalora, and made a wish list.

As you can see, most of my picks are black and white, peppered with nude/blush/beige. Neutrals! I am digging neutral-colored dainty polka dots, too. 

Also, there's red. 

As a Filipino-Chinese, red is an important color in the wardrobe. It's the only color to wear during birthday celebrations, especially of someone older than me. It's a staple in the closet of every tsinoy.

I hope I could achieve the update of my wardrobe one day. I dream of the time I would just pull any top or dress out of my closet and wear it without a drop of hesitation; and come out looking classy and put-together.

How about you? What kind of clothes do you prefer?

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