08 October 2015

Safety Matting is Extremely Important

Safety Matting is Extremely Important

Safety is of prime importance in any type of facility, whether it is industrial, commercial, businesses, schools, restaurants, hotels and motels, nursing or assisted living homes, warehouses, fitness centers, gyms, walkways, entrances, playgrounds, wet areas, and other locations which are heavily used and require the addition of a preventive measure.

Why Are Floor Mats So Needed?

Floor mats are among the safety necessities required in order to protect workers, visitors, and the floors themselves. AntiFatigue mats keep workers’ legs and feet comfortable and cut down on absences from work caused by the resultant aches and pains from having to do a lot of standing. In addition, non-slip mats reduce slip and fall injuries by both workers and customers who come to the business or facility.

What Types of Matting Are Available?

More than 30 years of first-rate experience in the industry learning about the requirements to accommodate a safe environment has resulted in a very wide selection of high quality durable and affordable matting products. Competitive prices are maintained, especially with one choice being recycled rubber mats.


Combining sales with the added benefit of actually manufacturing many of the mats results in being able to keep pricing down for customers who have to operate within a predetermined budget. Examples of such mats are Grip Rock, Super G, Grip Rock-Freezer, and Brite Trac slip resistant matting.


Always offered is at least a standard one-year warranty against any manufacturer's defects on all products, and some products have an even longer warranty.


Utilizing JCH International in Rome, Georgia, and its knowledgeable and friendly sales staff will assist you in the proper product and quantity selection that is right for your particular purposes.

You can get quick immediate delivery by using products in stock, or you can get help designing a logo or other unique or unusually-sized mat if you are willing to wait for your order to be completed according to your directions.. You can also obtain free samples to assist in the selection of the many colors and complete line of products.
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