13 November 2015

One Week Before The SuperBrands Christmas Bazaar!

Nowadays, we need to be smart about how and where we spend our pesos. This is especially true this coming Christmas season. Although we want to look good for Christmas parties and want to shop quality items as gifts for family, friends and colleagues, we do not want to go broke doing so. We would want to save or invest the rest of our bonuses, right?

That's where bazaars come in. Inexpensive merchandise. Quirky finds. Unique designs.

One such bazaar is the

SuperBrands Christmas Bazaar at Damar Village Basketball Court on November 20-29

Let's see if it lives up to the good bazaar checklist.

  • Easy-to-locate venue. Check.
  • Free entrance. Check.
  • Recognizable brands with sureness of quality. Check.
  • Wide range of choices from apparel to shoes. Check.
  • Affordable price points. Check.
  • Food for sale for hungry shoppers. Check.
  • Freebies for customers. Check. (for those who register at their Eventbrite site; while supplies last)
  • Has a Facebook page with helpful information posted. Check... it out below! 
If you want to see for yourself, these are what you have to do next...

Register here: Superbrands Eventbrite

Hop on to the Facebook page: SuperBrands Christmas Bazaar 2015 for the maps and the brands that you can find.

See you!

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