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02 December 2014

Keimav Bag Organizer from Lazada

I have been wanting to purchase a bag organizer for a while now and I was not sure what to get. When I saw this on Lazada, I decided to place my order. Although it is not a bag on its own like what I have seen on another site, it's fine since this one has more pockets. 

These are what I like about this bag organizer:
  • Like I mentioned, it has more pockets for the little items that I had to turn my bag over just to find. I can see the said items because of the mesh material.
  • The material is lightweight and looks easy to clean.
  • There are zippered compartments to store cluttered papers like prescription, vouchers and receipts. I just need to remember that I placed them inside, hehe!

I know it doesn't match my red orange bag!

There are handles to easily pull it out of the bag.

There's an option to expand, if needed. Well, I needed to!


How the items are organized before placing them inside my bag. I have a pouch for my kikay kit and a need these days: a reusable bag!
If you want to get more details about this bag organizer and perhaps order one, here's the link to its Lazada product page: Keimav bag organizer

What do you think? Would you have bought this bag organizer?

08 November 2014

Commercial Renovation Allows Businesses to Get Serious

Companies today are coming to understand that if they want to be taken seriously in the business world, then they have to have a commercial home that is both functional and great looking. Whether it's right or not, clients and would-be clients make judgments about businesses using the simplest of criteria. Many are choosing to order now when they have an opportunity to make their commercial space look new and comfortable.

Commercial renovations can work very well with re-branding. Some of the professional renovation companies know precisely how to work within the constructs of a company's biggest wishes. Companies that are looking to establish themselves within the contours of a new industry, for instance, might want to make a bold splash. Others will want to reflect traditional values. Whatever the case may be, commercial remodeling services get the job done.

Often, consumers are looking to work with companies that have a comfortable commercial home. If your business was built a few decades ago, it might be missing those little things that can help to make it the kind of place where people want to spend a few hours of their time. Remodeling services help companies get the comfort level that can allow them to reach even the most difficult consumers.

If your business is looking for a boost, it might be time to consider the impact of a renovated commercial space. There are good remodeling companies today who are helping businesses get on the right track by re-vamping their space for an affordable price.

04 November 2014

Lotte Xylitol dental health gum

I attended the Lotte Xylitol mommy bloggers meet-up one afternoon. Read about it here. These are the samples that I got from the event and I'm going to review them here.

The first flavor I tried was the blueberry mint. It's very good. My eldest tried it and because of that, she can tolerate mint now and uses our minty toothpaste. It's my favorite flavor because the sweetness is just right. Also, I like purple. :-)

Speaking of sweetness, the sample I got included their new strawberry mint flavor. Yes, it was a tad too sweet, especially at first, because most of the flavor was in the coating. But, I like the color, because I secretly like pink. ;-) Oops! It's not so secret anymore!

The third one I tried was the lime mint flavor. It's delicious at first, and then the taste became medicine-like. But that quickly faded away. 

The blue has a nice baby blue color! It's very, very minty!

I don't usually chew gums, but knowing the benefits of Lotte Xylitol dental health gum encourage me to have a bottle at hand, especially when we go out.

01 November 2014

How Remanufacturing Is Helping HVAC Customers Save Money and the Planet

Air conditioning technology is much more efficient now than in previous decades. This is thanks to more eco-friendly refrigerant chemicals and recycling programs. Businesses, like American Hermetics and hundreds of others, help to keep costs down for customers by using these environmentally safe strategies. One such strategy is remanufacturing.

Remanufacturing is a strategy where existing HVAC parts are repaired and supplemented with newer parts. This allows the HVAC business to use the same HVAC part without ordering or manufacturing new parts. Remanufacturing can be used when repairing a HVAC unit or it can be used during the manufacturing process itself. Essentially, a new HVAC unit can be made with various parts that are remanufactured.

This process is environmentally friendly since it reduces the carbon footprint of the HVAC manufacturing or repair process. Environmentalists point out that every time a product needs to be manufactured or repaired with new parts, the carbon output from that product is raised. Therefore, by remanufacturing products, like an air conditioning compressor, the HVAC repair or manufacturing process is much more environmentally friendly.

In addition, these strategies help customers in terms of costs. By reducing the amount of energy and resources going into the repair or manufacturing process, remanufacturing can reduce the overall cost of the HVAC unit. This passes on savings to customers.

Remanufacturing is a cost effective and environmentally safe way to repair or manufacture HVAC units. Many companies are on the leading edge of using this strategy when they are working on air conditioners and other HVAC systems.

18 October 2014

Barbie and the Secret Door... with a Secret Workout!


I get excited for my children (I'm not sure if they themselves do!) when there are new animated movies that are coming out soon. Now that they are bigger, we could all watch in the cinema as a family. Or just watch at home on our TV when we didn't get the chance to go out to the mall.

Barbie and the Secret Door, and other previous Barbie movies, were no exceptions. My youngest, Cayla, who's three years old, likes Barbie the best. 

This movie is about Princess Alexa, a princess who prefers to stay in her room and read stories, all day and all night, if she could! She doesn't like to speak in public or attend functions where there are other people, as part of her duty as a princess. I think she's shirking away from her responsibility, but she was described as shy. Alexa then discovers a secret door to a magical world, where she needs to face her insecurities and be the hero.

I could relate a bit to Alexa since I am very shy, I like to read, and I hope to be whisked away to a magical world. The pretty dresses are a big plus! Could a Barbie movie be without a change of outfits? Of course not!

The songs in the movie (yes, it's a musical!) are like pop music, very upbeat. Whenever Cayla watches Barbie and the Secret Door, she always forces asks me to dance with her. No one's watching so I give it my all, haha! So it has become my secret workout! ;-)

Do your kids like Barbie? Have they watched Barbie and the Secret Door?
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