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03 September 2015

Ways to Take the Guesswork Out Of Bidding for a Job

Regardless of the construction trade a person works in, everyone has a task they enjoy doing and a task they just hate to do. Usually, the task they enjoy doing is something they can do well. For an experienced HVAC contractor, installing duct work is a piece of cake. Then there are other tedious tasks that are frustrating to do. The challenge for contractors is understanding how to calculate and accurately charge for these types of tasks.

Most individuals who choose to work in the construction field do so because they enjoy working with their hands. They enjoy interacting with real things. They did not get this job because they wanted to be an accountant. However, as much as a contractor may hate estimating jobs and then making bids based on these estimates, it is an essential part of what they do. Being able to accurately estimate a job and being able to accurately bid for a job can mean the difference between a successful business and one that fails.

Many contractors have experiences where they get the job, do the best work they can, but because of a problem with their estimate, they either break even or walk away losing money. Mistakes associated with pricing a job will cost contractors money.

The first step in accurately estimating a job is to make sure that you include all of the materials you are going to need. For example, a plumber would need to know the pipes they're going to be using, the number of elbows they will need, and the amount of digging and excavating they will need to do for the job.

Something else to take into consideration is the number of vehicles that are going to be used on the job. Contractors should not forget to prorate the wear and tear their vehicles are going to have, depreciation of the vehicles, and fuel costs. Additionally, overhead costs need to be factored in. This includes insurance, permits, advertising, salary, and all of the other little things that contractors need in order to keep their business running.

Many contractors have seen the benefit of pre-estimating a job and then using that to create a flat rate. Electricians can show their customers the flat rate in an electrical price book. They can also show upgrades to the job that can be done for an up charge. This takes a lot of the guesswork out of bidding for a job.

01 September 2015

Sharing: Chocolate Lover's Travel Guide

Love chocolates? Love to travel? Sharing with you where to buy which chocolate. Yum!

Chocolate LoverYou can also find more infographics at Visualistan.

07 August 2015

4 Ways Your Family Benefits From Radon Mitigation

There are many different hazards that you need to watch out for when it comes to your home and one of them is radon. If you are not familiar with radon then do not feel out of place as it is not a common topic among many people. By visiting the websites of companies such as SWAT Environmental and following the prompt to click here, you can get more information on radon mitigation and find out the many ways your family can benefit from the mitigation process.

Increase The Value Of Your Home

Many states are starting to require radon testing prior to the approval of any mortgage, which means that your home's value on the market could be affected if radon mitigation has not already been done. You can get more for your home and sell your home faster when you take the proactive steps to get radon testing and mitigation done by a professional organization.

Protect Your Family's Health

Radon is a serious issue that can lead to health problems if it is not contained. The process for detecting and taking care of any radon problems is very simple, which means that you can protect your family from harm by taking the simple step of bringing in a professional radon mitigation organization.

Protect Your Guests

Any family member and friend who regularly visit or stay at your house are subject to your home's environment. A responsible homeowner recognizes the need to protect friends and loved ones by getting some simple radon testing done to see if there is a radon problem in the home. The solution to the problem is equally as simple when you trust a professional mitigation organization.

Clean Your Drinking Water

Radon is an intrusive substance that can even get into your drinking water if it is not checked. A thorough investigation by a professional radon mitigation company will determine if there is an issue with your drinking water, and then the issue can be dealt with immediately.

You put up a smoke detector to protect your family from fire and a CO2 detector to protect your family from harmful fumes. Now you can complete the protection process by bringing in a professional radon mitigation company to test your home for radon and take the necessary steps to mitigate the problem if necessary.

24 July 2015

Slowly Updating My Wardrobe

Being in my 30's, I have accepted a few things about myself. One of these is my figure. I have stopped holding out hope that I will go back to my pre-pregnancy figure. I have learned to love my mommy body, curves and all. But it's not that I will just let myself go, and eat whatever without a care. Of course, I want to be healthy for my children!

With that said, it's out with the old. The tank and halter tops, the fitted t-shirts, the tight jeans. And it's in with the new! The longer tops which skim the figure but not hugging it tightly, the loose and comfy but not frumpy tops, the leggings, the maxi dresses, the long skirts, the bespoke jeans.

I am slowly updating my wardrobe. I am slowly filling my closet with pieces that I truly like. I am slowly stocking up on pieces that I find comfortable. I am slowly hanging up black, white, grey and neutral tops. I find myself liking colorful clothes one day, and not anymore the next. Maybe I have grown old... Maybe I don't want to spend more time choosing what to wear.

As usual, I turn to my favorite online clothes shopping site: Zalora, and made a wish list.

As you can see, most of my picks are black and white, peppered with nude/blush/beige. Neutrals! I am digging neutral-colored dainty polka dots, too. 

Also, there's red. 

As a Filipino-Chinese, red is an important color in the wardrobe. It's the only color to wear during birthday celebrations, especially of someone older than me. It's a staple in the closet of every tsinoy.

I hope I could achieve the update of my wardrobe one day. I dream of the time I would just pull any top or dress out of my closet and wear it without a drop of hesitation; and come out looking classy and put-together.

How about you? What kind of clothes do you prefer?

07 July 2015

Being Prepared for Excellence

Although construction jobs can vary over time, there will always been a need for professionals to provide excellence for home and business owners. After all, buildings need to be enhanced, and new housing needs to occur in growing communities. The result is that professionals need to be prepared for the work they are called to do.

Solid Tools
There are plenty of tools on the market today. Some people prefer to find their tools at a garage sale. These individuals may believe that the best tools are ones that have been used from the past and are durable. Although used tools can be effective, they tend to break down easily and quickly. Other individuals believe that tools can be purchased at a low price and still expect great results. However, these types of tools may not do well when serious work is to be done. The fact of the matter is that solid and dependable tools are costly. Contractors can save time and money when they have equipment that is solid and dependable. With the right tools, such as a hammer iron scaling chisel, professionals can do the work that is expected of them.

Open Communication
Communicating is not a high priority with some professionals. However, communicating can immensely help a situation. Home and business owners like to know how work is progressing. While daily and hourly updates are unrealistic, professionals who keep their clients updated with information will discover that their clients appreciate that they took time to listen and respond to their needs. Furthermore, professionals who communicate may discover that their services are being recommended to friends and neighbors of past clients. Communicating may seem like a nuisance when there is work to be done, but professionals are rewarded when they take time to visit with their clients.

Solid equipment and open communication are ways that have enabled many to thrive in construction. Whether a home is being remodeled or a new business is being constructed, workers can be ready to provide excellence. The results of their achievements can be priceless to their clients.
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