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18 May 2015

Importance of Women's Health

Women truly contribute a lot to society. There are many women who are doctors, architects, engineers, entrepreneurs, politicians, artists, etc. Many of these women are also wives and mothers. Their various roles require plenty of their time and effort. The demands of home and work could be stressful and take a toll on health. This is the reason why investing on women's health is of great importance.

A mother is she who can take the place of all others but whose place no one else can take. -Cardinal Mermillod
Don't you agree?

Let this infographic from Oscar serve as a guide to us women who want to always stay on top of everything by being healthy and remain in good shape. If you've never heard of Oscar, their NY and NJ health insurance services make it easier for their members to make these appointments and stay on top of your health. For example, they have a Doctor on Call service that allows members to directly call their doctor through the Oscar app without having to make an appointment or go to the doctors.

It would also help to be informed of our family's health history. Like me, I had to be checked for my thyroid problem and diabetes since my mom has them, too. Pretty soon, I have to take tests for signs of breast cancer as it claimed the life of my maternal grandmother.

I am sure we want to do our best in these opportunities that God has blessed us with. That is why it is significant that we do our best to take care of our bodies that God has blessed us with.

11 May 2015

4 Tips for Learning Mandarin

Mandarin has an unfair reputation. While it isn't exactly easy to learn, it's no more difficult than other complex languages, and you can make it even simpler by utilizing these four tips.

1. Know the Differences in the Language

Traditional Chinese is used in places like Taiwan and Hong Kong. Simplified Chinese is used in Singapore. If you're learning Chinese to fit in with a certain group or go to work in a specific country, make sure you're learning the right flavor of the language.

2. Use Mnemonic Devices

Let the picture-characters tell you a story. Make definitions into acronyms. The more you can link the different parts of your visual and auditory memory, the more success you'll have in retaining new knowledge.

3. Get Involved with the Culture

A love of Chinese culture will inspire you to keep up with your Mandarin lessons. For example, if you start watching a Chinese television drama without subtitles, you'll be that much more motivated to know what Xiao Ying is saying to his father when he yells so loudly.

4. Practice Daily

All skills go rusty with disuse, so it's important to practice your Mandarin every single day. A dual immersion school is good for this, and so are daily vocabulary words or memorization recitals.

You don't have to break into a sweat at the thought of learning Mandarin. With these four tips, fluency will come as easily to you as it does to Mandarin's millions of native speakers.

05 May 2015

Get your Cold Layers on this summer!

It IS still summer right? Just the other day, huge drops of rain fell from the clouds, and caused the heated pavement to sizzle, I'm sure. Even with the typhoon forecast, the sun unabashedly shone super bright, casting sharp shadows everywhere. We still have an excuse to indulge on cold and sweet food.

That's what I did one evening. I went to Cold Layers in Fisher Mall and paid 120Php for this summer treat.

It is a cup of Horlicks flavored ice ribbons. Horlicks sounded familiar, but I really cannot remember drinking that malted milk drink. Can you?

It's amazing how the flavored ice could be so light, so fluffy yet so creamy. The flavor wasn't that bold or strong, though.

It was a bit messy to eat as the ice separated easily, sending the Horlicks powder on top crumbling down.

I was glad it had chocolate syrup or else it would be too boring.

It made for a filling dessert!

There were other enticing flavors too. Plus, Cold Layers serves rice meals and pasta.

Would you give this a try? 

30 April 2015

Tips For Protecting The Home During Vacation

Crimes against the home are among the most common crimes that occur in the United States. In fact, one home robbery occurs every 14.6 seconds according to statistics listed by the Washington Post. Thieves gain entry for burglary by going through the garage, windows and the front door. Many accidents occur while the family of victims is on vacation. Burglars find out that the family is away using a number strategies, and then they hit while the homeowners are out of the area. The following are some tips that homeowners can use to avoid a burglary or robbery while they are away on vacation:

Alert the Neighbors

One thing that homeowners can do to provide themselves with additional protection is notify the neighbor that they will be going on vacation. A trusted neighbor can keep an eye out for the home and report any suspicious activity to the authorities. Most burglaries are successful because members of the neighborhood are unaware that the family is away.

Leave the Light and Television On

Leaving the lights and the television on is a trick that may help deter criminals. A would-be burglar will most likely not try his or her luck entering a home that has the television or lights on. Instead, the burglar will search for a property that looks less challenging. The electric bill may jump for the week of the vacation, but the home may be safe because of it.

Hire a House Sitter

Professional house sitters are people who make a living watching other people’s homes when they are on vacation. They usually have reasonable rates. A house sitter may be willing to perform a background check so that potential clients will not feel nervous about leaving their homes open to someone new.

Invest in Home Monitoring

Finally, a family can invest in home alarm monitoring. Sometimes, a reliable security system is the only option that makes sense. A homeowner can invest less than $10 a month and secure a reliable security system that keeps the home protected at all times. Many companies offer five-star service with a contract, but some companies provide the same quality without asking the consumer to sign a contract. Alarm Relay is an example of a company that provides home security services at an affordable price.

Families no longer have to worry about getting robbed while they are trying to enjoy themselves. Any of the aforementioned actions will help.

10 April 2015

The Breakfast Club

I really could not be a food blogger. This experience was sooo last year!

Situated on a quiet road in Quezon City, The Breakfast Club provided a peaceful ambience for enjoying a delicious breakfast. The interior of the place was simple yet elegant.

That morning, I had blood work done and was on a fast. My tummy growled in anticipation of the food.

My hubby ordered this beef tapa which was quite sweet.

For our youngest child, this pair of pancakes. No, the coffee was mine, for props. They served her milk in the end. Hubby took a bite of the Hungarian sausage and I ate the rest. It's a bit pricey because of the sausage.

I loved this very cheesy omelette!

I also like that they serve lemon water, and that the staff were friendly.
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