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23 February 2015

What would I do with an extra $100?

Did you know that the little, seemingly negligible expenses that we shell out each month add up to much at the end of the year? If I buy an ice cream cone from the nearby convenience store for $.50 each week, I would be spending $24 a year!

Savings could also go the same way. It's much exciting, too! Take for example the razor that's being bought each month. If I become a member of the Dollar Shave Club (DSC), I would get shaving supplies, like their razors, for as low as $1 a month. I would have an extra $100 after a year. That's a lot!

So, what would I do with an extra $100?
  • Buy new jeans! With all the ice cream cones I had for a year, I'm going to need new pants that are a size or two bigger.
  • Go book shopping! I would love to get my hands on new titles! (even if I still have a long to-read list)
  • Get a gift for my husband. I don't have any idea what to buy, yet. Maybe more razors from DSC?
  • Or maybe I should just date my hubby at a restaurant with an all-you-can-eat buffet! Yum!
  • Go crazy with online shopping! Woohoo!
How about you? What would you do with an extra 100 bucks?

Want to know more? Watch this video!

06 February 2015

A Little Care Will Make Your Carpets Last Longer

Wall to wall carpets are cozy and attractive, but they are also dirt collectors. Even if you vacuum regularly, the dirt and dust works its way down to the pad and can cause odors, stains and premature wear. You can prevent this with regular maintenance and professional wall to wall carpet cleaning once a year. To avoid bringing toxic fumes into your home, it is recommended to use a company such as Green Choice Carpet that uses organic cleaning products.

Tips for Keeping Wall to Wall Carpet Clean

Once you have your carpet professionally cleaned, you want to keep it as clean as possible throughout the year. There are some simple things you can do that will help reduce the amount of dirt, dust and allergens that settle in your carpet.

• Vacuum the whole carpet every week and more often in high-traffic areas. It takes about five minutes for the vacuum cleaner to remove the optimum amount of dust and dirt, so you should go over each area several times.

• Use an attachment to vacuum around heavy furniture and move light-weight furniture to vacuum beneath it.

• The vacuum bag or canister should be emptied when it is half-full of dirt because if it is too full, you won’t get enough suction. There may be a full-line on the bag or canister.

• Use furniture leg coasters under the legs on heavy furniture. These will prevent deep, permanent dents from forming on the carpet and pad.

• Clean spills immediately if possible. The longer the spilled substance is on the carpet, the deeper it will go in and be harder to remove. Soak up as much of the substance by pressing it with an absorbent towel. Don’t rub the spill because this will push it into the carpet. If there is any remaining stain, you can blot it with a solution of one cup water and one quarter cup mild detergent. Rinse the soap out with clear water and blot dry. When it is completely dry, vacuum the area.

• You can deodorize you carpet once a month by sprinkling baking soda on it in a thin layer and leaving it overnight. The next day vacuum it completely. Just as it does in your refrigerator, baking soda will absorb the pet and other odors in your carpet.

You can keep your wall to wall carpet looking and smelling fresh between its annual professional cleanings.

27 January 2015

Ultimate Elegance: Fleur de Lis Online Collections

Franco lovers many times have a hard time finding a one-stop shopping center for fine decor and quality curios symbolic of France. And what better symbol of the French than the Fleur de Lis? Today, thanks in part to the dynamics of the Internet, buyers can conveniently visit several online outlets to help satisfy the yearning for all things Fleur de Lis.

To help make sure your shopping experience is a quick, convenient and complete one, here are just a few of the things you can anticipate finding in your browsing visits. When looking for specialty items in the realm of the beautifully classic Fleur de Lis, quality online stores, such as, should have any one of the following to offer their online visitors...

Fleur de Lis Design Jewelry

Shiny, sculpted pieces of earrings, bracelets and classical brooches can accomplish much when bought at the proper online store. Coming in various materials and colors such as copper, bronze and brushed variations, you'll be the talk of the bridge club gathering with your elegant Fleur de Lis design jewelry.

Fleur de Lis Home Decor

Lamps, ceiling designs, fine China and glassware will add not only personal satisfaction to yourself, but such a collection also adds extra value to your home. As you incorporate the various specialty items found at online centers for Fleur de Lis home decor, you'll be sure to come back soon and tell others about your online shopping experience.

Adding a touch of class to your home just became simpler when you accent with a piece or accessory embossed with the magnificently elegant Fleur de Lis.

16 January 2015

Communication And Travel

Communication is important!
A wonderful present that us humans were bestowed with is the gift of communication. Communication is vital in building relationships and bridging cultures. Communication promotes understanding amongst people. There are various ways of communicating, and one of these is through language. 

The world is big, and languages vary. That's why there is a need for dictionaries and translation services. Now, with the innovation in technology, there are phone applications that translate the written and spoken words, even signboards with the use of the smartphone camera. Amazing, right? I still like the idea in the movie Click, though, that I could change the speech of a foreign person who's speaking, into a language that I could understand using a universal remote. Or, subtitles would suddenly appear below the person who's talking in a different tongue. Haha! Just kidding! It's easier to understand people from other places and communicating is now easier. 

Traveling is great!
And that makes traveling more convenient, too, especially if it's to a country that speaks little to no English. Traveling is a great way to collect one-of-a-kind experiences and to make exciting memories. Here we learn about others, their culture, their beliefs, and we sure could pick up something that we could apply to our lives, whether it's simplicity or discipline. I believe traveling enhances our appreciation of life, of beauty, of blessings and motivates us to be open, nonjudgmental, tolerant. When understanding and empathy springs in our hearts, when we value and utilize our gift of communication, the world is small.

14 January 2015

3 Tips for Safe Overhead Crane Operation

Your overhead crane is a vital part of your company's everyday doings, whether you work in a factory, a chemical plant, or outdoors on construction sites. But regardless of the setup of your overhead crane, it's important that you use it and care for it according to manufacturer instructions, and that you always obey all safety rules and regulations, and have the crane and any other equipment you own tested regularly. Here are three tips to ensure that you use your overhead crane -- and any other large equipment you'd like to apply these tips to - properly and safely, which ensures the minimization of on-the-job injuries, as well as damage to expensive equipment.

Always respect manufacturer rules and guidelines.
Operate your overhead crane according to instructions, and take care to make sure that you do not overload your crane, or attempt to lift loads that are unbalanced or prone to becoming easily unbalanced. One small shift in an overloaded or unsteady load is all it takes for catastrophic results. Online resources such as can provide you with helpful information on rules and guidelines for various cranes and related equipment.

Take into consideration the use of hoists.
Hoists and other types of external lifting equipment all play an important role in helping you to use your overhead crane to its maximum abilities. Of course, you'll want to make sure that with straight-lift cranes in particular, any third party equipment you bring into the equation -- such as an overhead hoist or other lifting equipment -- is being used properly, and has been recently inspected to ensure safe operation.

Perform your own inspections.
State-required minimum inspections ensure that you can continue to run your business, but if you are prioritizing safety on the job, conduct your own monthly inspections to ensure everything is top notch.
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