02 February 2016

5 Ways to Cut Spending in the Business for 2016

In order for a business to survive, money needs to be spent wisely. Technology provides a number of ways to reduce the overhead costs of a company through various alternatives. These methods may also prove to be a good marketing point by advertising that your business is essentially "eco-friendly." While you don't have to line your roof with solar panels, cutting the costs of paper and energy use has potential to attract customers who focus on the environment.

BYOD Platforms

Many businesses are moving to a Bring-Your-Own-Device platform. This means employees use their own smartphones, laptops and computers to perform the work. It saves money on hardware purchased by the company and the time spent by your IT staff to keep them operational. For a lot of businesses, personal hardware means personal expense to repair broken devices.


Paperless Systems

In reality, there is no reason to store or create paper-based documents in the 21st century. Digital signatures are just as binding as those of pen and paper in most states. Using paperless document management allows you to archive everything you'll ever need without buying countless file cabinets and drawers. Some businesses have to get large storage units to hold all of their paperwork, which becomes an additional expense.

Cloud Usage

Storing files and such on the Cloud allows you to access work materials from virtually anywhere. This provides a greater level of productivity for your employees while giving access to vital information from anywhere there is an Internet connection.

In the Bathrooms

Using motion-sensing lights and aerated faucets reduces the resources wasted in the bathroom every day. Most organizations keep their lights on throughout all hours. Motion switches removes this energy loss by registering the movement of people actually in the facilities. Aerated faucets reduces the amount of water that is used when employees wash their hands.

Watering the Grounds

Water timers can help regulate how much is being used. Some of the newer models will detect rainfall eliminating the need to water the grass. You can also go a step further and use additives that will enhance the usage of that water. This could reduce how often your grounds need to be saturated by up to 50 percent, depending on the brand of additive.

These are only a few ways that you can prepare the business for 2016. With each new innovative technology, greater savings can be achieved. Keep your finger on the pulse of business devices and discover other ways to drastically cut your financial losses each year. Less money to these expenses means more money for marketing and payroll.

31 January 2016

Anniversary @ Midas

Aside from my birthday month, I also look forward to October. It is our anniversary month. I love that my hubby wanted to celebrate it with me. 2015 was our ninth year of marriage. It fell on a Thursday and we had dinner. I was excited to wear my new dress I bought from Zalora. Here's my OOTD taken by the hubby using his phone.
Dress: Zalora | Shoes: H2Ocean | Bag: MFTote201 by mymomfriday | Watch: FitBit

There was a discount coupon from Deal Grocer for Midas Cafe at Midas Hotel and Casino that I snapped up. It was located in Manila and that's where we went.

Having King Midas in mind, I expected the hotel to be gilded, shiny and shimmering. The lighted wall in the photo above seemed promising.

Well, it was different from what I was looking forward to. We were seated at an area with lots of green that I felt like I was in a forest. While the nature-lover in me was happy, I felt like the interior design was disconnected from the name Midas. At least for me!

While I was getting food in one section of the buffet, the wind from the A/C was so strong my skirt was blown upwards. Good thing I had shorts on! I felt like Marilyn Monroe! Haha! It was so weird!

We were not yet finished with the main course when a staff brought this out together with a greeting. We were not informed, but the gesture was appreciated.

The food was alright. I am not sure if we will return, though. There are a lot of hotel restaurants to try in the Metro. Anniversary is a great excuse to sample various food selections. :-)

28 January 2016

Don't Let Your Teeth Rot! Expert Dental Health Tips

If you’re like most people, you really don’t enjoy going to the dentist. You might even put it off a whole lot longer than your Brooklyn NY dentist would recommend. Over time, not caring for your teeth can cause some real damage though.

While going to the dentist is something that you absolutely must do, there are other ways to care for your teeth – things that you can do on your own. Follow our guide to help ensure proper dental health for your whole life.

Avoid Soda

Soda is one of those beverages that a lot of us drink, but the fact is, we really don’t need it to survive. We just like the way it tastes and it’s one of the most convenient purchases these days.

The problem is that soda that contains sugar can rip right through the enamel in your teeth. Drinking too much can lead to serious tooth decay over time. Diet soda isn’t much better though, as the sweeteners and high carbonation level can damage teeth as well.

Believe it or not, you’re actually better off sticking with coffee or tea instead of drinking soda on a regular basis. They aren’t ideal for your teeth, but they don’t wreak the same amount of havoc that a regular or diet soda can.

Best of all though is still water. It’s also the healthiest for your body.

Rinse After Coffee

Even if you are able to give up soda because you just don’t drink that much of it, or through sheer force of will, you may find that it’s nearly impossible to give up coffee. For most people, coffee is the first thing they think about in the morning, and getting the day started without it is downright miserable.

Instead of trying to quit coffee for good, try this one simple tip from the dentists. When you’re done with your morning coffee, go ahead and rinse with some clean water – even right from the tap. Spit it out when you’re done.

Why does this work? Well, it doesn’t entirely remove acids from the coffee from your mouth, but it does help to get rid of some. Those acids on your teeth are what create stains, and those are what you’re trying to prevent.

Get a cup of water with each cup of coffee from now on and your teeth will thank you.

08 January 2016

Leave The Cleaning To Someone Else

If you own a business, then you know that it can sometimes be hard to make sure every area is as clean a it should be before the next day. Janitorial services MN companies offer can help you keep the business clean and sanitary for the employees and customers so that there is a welcoming environment each day. Someone can come to the business after hours, through the day or on the weekend depending on the schedule that you make.

When you hire the company to come clean, you will know that it will be done in a professional manner. High-quality cleaners and supplies are used in all areas of the building. The workers who enter the building will do more than simply sweep, vacuum and dust. They will make sure trash is removed, counters are cleaned and surfaces are sanitary. You can schedule the workers to come in for a deep cleaning so that areas are cleaned with a bleach solution, but this is something that should be done if no one will be in the building the next day in order to allow the fumes from the bleach to dissipate.

Sometimes, those who work in the office might not want to clean while performing the other duties that they have. It can cause them to decrease production if they have to empty trash or clean the bathroom. This is another benefit of hiring a janitorial service as you will have employees who maintain the office end of the business and those who focus on cleaning.

Allergens can be reduced if you have someone who can come in and properly dust all areas, even those that you might not think about. The workers can clear away the dust from the blinds, which is an area that doesn't usually get cleaned, as well as windowsills and behind chairs in a waiting area. The workers will make sure that items that are used every day are kept on hand, such as toilet paper and paper towels. With all of the work that is done in the business, you might forget to keep these items in stock.

13 November 2015

One Week Before The SuperBrands Christmas Bazaar!

Nowadays, we need to be smart about how and where we spend our pesos. This is especially true this coming Christmas season. Although we want to look good for Christmas parties and want to shop quality items as gifts for family, friends and colleagues, we do not want to go broke doing so. We would want to save or invest the rest of our bonuses, right?

That's where bazaars come in. Inexpensive merchandise. Quirky finds. Unique designs.

One such bazaar is the

SuperBrands Christmas Bazaar at Damar Village Basketball Court on November 20-29

Let's see if it lives up to the good bazaar checklist.

  • Easy-to-locate venue. Check.
  • Free entrance. Check.
  • Recognizable brands with sureness of quality. Check.
  • Wide range of choices from apparel to shoes. Check.
  • Affordable price points. Check.
  • Food for sale for hungry shoppers. Check.
  • Freebies for customers. Check. (for those who register at their Eventbrite site; while supplies last)
  • Has a Facebook page with helpful information posted. Check... it out below! 
If you want to see for yourself, these are what you have to do next...

Register here: Superbrands Eventbrite

Hop on to the Facebook page: SuperBrands Christmas Bazaar 2015 for the maps and the brands that you can find.

See you!

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