08 November 2003

*random thoughts*

what i don't like about cooking:
chopping the onions
frying bangus without the "powder coating"
peeling kalabasa
cleaning the whole chicken

what i like about baking:
licking the "batter" from the spatula, mixing bowl
getting some cashew nuts, walnuts, mga buto ng pakwan for myself

the movie eb is tonight already, i hope there are seats to accomodate all of us who will be there.

hm... may target weight for jan. 1 is 130 lbs. if it were kg., it would be easier, hahaha! =P kidding!

man's love changes, but never will God's.

dunno why badminton is the trend these days... i wonder where that started.

there will be a game again tomorrow, sunday, and i will be bringing some butterscotch for free taste. i hope they like it! ...like i did... =P
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