03 November 2003

yesterday, i left home kinda early so i could meet up with the "badminton regulars" and together we would go to a sports shop to find someone to string rix's new racquet, and the others could get to see racquets for they plan to buy. sadly, the one that lau and tin usually go to was closed coz yesterday was nov. 1 (as if there's any connection!). so we tried to find another but some were closed also and the others don't offer that service. so, we left for malabon where we were gonna play badminton. while waiting for the court we reserved to be open, i checked out the restroom and was kinda surprised to find a bench with cushion there, there was also an electric fan like they expect you to hang out there. they have 2 shower areas, one with water closet. it's kinda cool. but when it was our turn to play, we suddenly realized that it's so hot and humid, like we were in an oven. i think i broke more sweat than usual. after the game, we freshened up then had lunch at Max's. after lunch we decided to go to 168 to play billiards. we saw that there was a driving range there, tin and i decided to try it out. it was my first time to do a little 'golf". after a few drives, my hand hurt, like it was "pilay". so i went to play billiards instead. hehe=P then after that, home we went, as tin and kisses still needed to attend a birthday dinner. this badminton thing was getting to be a whole day activity, they were also planning of swimming first then play badminton... that, i dunno! =P
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