13 April 2010

A Doze of Sun, Sand and Sea

What is summer in the Philippines without a visit to one of its beaches?
My hubby, my daughter and I had our first summer swimming (dipping, actually) at Club Punta Fuego in Batangas last Black Friday until Easter Sunday. It really wasn't my idea of cooling down, I even got sun-burned! But it was fun nonetheless. Little Elle knows how to use a float ring now, she even knows that to go in a direction she desires, she needs to paddle her hands and kick her legs. Thanks to my mom for giving her one. Rix and I bought her a little bucket with sand shovels, a sand scraper and two animal molds. She used them to play, while sitting on the sandy shore, with the waves lightly crashing on her outspread legs. We also got to stay at the kiddie swimming pools where she never let go of her float ring. I think Elle enjoyed both the beach and the pools.
Below are some pictures I took, they are just few for most of the time I was accompanying Elle in the water.

The sea water in both beaches was clean unlike that of Subic where we went last time. The beach we dipped in the first day had coarser sand with more rocks, corals and shells. It was also more crowded. The second one, the one farther from where we stayed had finer and purer sand.

I wonder where our next swimming location will be?
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