12 April 2010

Call me the Clutter Queen

Even before I got married, I've got so many stuff in my room. It seemed I cannot make myself throw away the things I do not really use. I guess you could call me a "sentimental fool". I read in an article that said: when you are cleaning out your closet, you should be ruthless. I find that hard, especially when I have old stuff that I still see potential for in the future. Or is it just me? 

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Anyway. Then, I got married and now live with my hubby. All of my things should be here with me, supposed to be. But, no, there are still so much of my stuff that I left at home with my parents. The idea was nagging me until now. Unfortunately, our current home is too small to fit those possessions that I think I might need to rent a self storage where I can temporarily keep them, and go back to them when I have decided to dispose of them after 10 years (ha ha, too long!) Is there even such a storage here in the Philippines? If one has a very large place, which is not being used, this would be a great idea.  It could be made into a warehouse with divisions. People lacking in storage spaces could rent a room where their old stuff could be safely kept. It could even be transformed into a place where garage sales take place! What do you think of that?

Now, I have to learn to be ruthless, starting with the clothes in my closet.
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