01 May 2005

personality makeover?

You might think there's going to be a major change that is going to happen to me, but change of the inside does not come overnight. I was just thinking...
  • it's time I accept the grey areas of life, people are two-faced and selfish in some ways; even those that I think I know behave with unkindly and hurting manners, they express what they say in such a way that makes me feel stupid and inferior, they seem to be using people to attain their goals
  • and in view of what was stated above, it is better to shut up rather than ask them questions, it is better not to involve myself with their discussions, it is better to be "alone" and not care than to be more disappointed with more realizations about them
  • it is hard to expect anything from anyone anymore
  • it is tiring to persuade, just go along and accept whatever the decision may be
  • I have learned that matters involving money bring out the worst in people
  • even if the negativity might hinder me from believing in them, I would still love them and be nice to them as God loves me and everyone else

I know, it is a bit late for me to realize these things and in my age, too! But, who cares? :Þ

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