08 October 2005

stuff to ponder

Recently, I've been hearing this radio ad where a guy goes road-tripping with a girl in his convertible. The guy suddenly stopped and the girl thought that a wheel exploded, but the guy pointed out with irritation that it was her hair which "exploded" and he wanted very much to go home already. After using this conditioner (I think), they did the same thing again. This time, he was surprised that her hair was still in order and he stopped again. The girl asked if they were going home, he said yes - to his home to meet his mother. The end. I would like to ask, what kind of guy is that? He is so shallow, I would advise (unsolicited) the girl to stop seeing him and he could be a mama's boy for all I know. Maybe the girl is too blinded by the convertible to notice anything else.

I saw this TV commercial where a little girl greets everyone with a cheerful "good morning" even when she was splashed with water from a puddle by a passing tricycle. And the cause of that enthusiasm? Instant noodles every morning! Packed with lots of MSG. Whatever happened to the promotion of good nutrition? And that for the "most important meal of the day"? Tsk.

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