30 October 2006

Within 5 months, I got engaged then got married, quite fast as most people normally plan the wedding one year ahead. This event I kept praying to the Lord for, because I did not know where to start and lots of suppliers needed to be sourced out. It was true as they say, it was stressful and a coordinator might come in handy; but we opted not to get one as we are under budget constraints. I talked to the Lord, asking for His helping hand in planning this event, and He really handed me His provision when I needed it the most. Like, I was able to book the church venue first, then it was in good timing that the reception venue was given to us as the first reservation by some people was canceled. Then the rest fell into place, I guess.
So now, I am living a married life since I said goodbye to singlehood. I get to be with my boyfriend, now my husband, everyday, he doesn't have to fetch me nor bring me home each time we are to meet because we come home to the same house now. I get to cook for him, and he for me, too. We take care of each other, it's fun, actually, while falling in love with each other more each day. :o)
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