14 April 2007


Two days ago, it was my birthday. My first birthday as a married person, they said, as if there's something special about it. Well, birthdays make a person feel special, even for just a day, especially when many people remember and send greetings. I felt special, I was showered with friendster messages, text messages, food and gifts from acquaintances, officemates, friends and family. I went out with my friends prior to my birthday and it was quite enjoyable. My husband Rix was also there with us while we had lunch, went singing at Red Box in Greenbelt, had snacks at Cafe Breton. Rix and I also went to have dinner with my family at Jay-J's on West Avenue the day after I went out with my friends. On the day itself, I had work so I treated my officemates to pizza and soda for snacks. I received a chocolate roll so after lunch we had this as dessert. Yummy! For dinner, Rix and I just had a simple dinner at home. Simple are the things that make me happy and I guess these events are enough to make me feel special on my special day.
My next birthday would be my first birthday as a mommy. :o)
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