21 May 2007

Baby Talk

My baby seems like he/she cannot wait to be born. It's a funny idea, though there is nothing funny about pre-term labor and a baby born prematurely. Last night, I read in a book called God's Way for Mothers, about a mother who had her baby Caitlin born prematurely. When she took Caitlin home, she was apprehensive for the care of such a fragile child. Then she noticed that the baby wouldn't look at her face and kept her eyes tightly shut. As a mother, she didn't even know the color of her baby's eyes. It was sad and lonely for the mother to be rejected by her baby. The pediatrician said this happens because the baby has associated her caretakers with pain, as she had endured that in the hospital. Now, the baby was ignoring the mother. I wouldn't want this to happen to me, which mother would want to be ignored by her own baby? What she did was, she saw her past pain in new perspectives, saw how God was working in her life even if she was hurting. She said that the baby was like her, closing her heart to God as if He was the one who caused her wounds not to heal completely. Then one day, by God's grace, Caitlin looked at her directly, and now, she could see that her eyes were green with gold specks. It was a miracle and God's love worked in her life.
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