27 May 2007

These past few days met rainshowers. It seemed to me the signal of the end of the summer. The wet season is peeking through the clouds, telling me that I am about to give birth because my baby is due this coming July - a rainy month. I am anxious yet excited to be holding my very own baby in my arms. :o) I welcome the cool weather after the heat of this year's summer. And they say that pregnant women feel hotter than ordinary people, I guess I find that true.
Both my hands are experiencing the Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, but I thank God that I could still write, type, and do some things, and that I could stand the pain. To me, this is nothing compared to the pain that labor and delivery might bring. I cringe at the thought.
How about a baby shower? Am I supposed to be the one to organize that? Or some other person would? I have got no idea!
But today is just like a summer day. The sun is shining so brightly and I am starting to sweat and feel a little dizzy. Maybe the rainclouds are gathering up their strength to pour tonight or tomorrow.
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