19 July 2008


I got this image from this webpage. You might be wondering why I am blogging about this all of a sudden. I went to my Endocrine doctor today for a scheduled check-up and prior to that, I had my blood taken yesterday morning for some tests, I also asked for a test in my blood cholesterol. It turned out that my cholesterol level was all right, but my triglyceride level was high! My result was 302.00 mg/dL. This was quite a surprising discovery for me, I always thought oil in my body, or heart, for that matter, was in control. I didn't realize I was taking in too much fat and oil. With this, I could also be at risk for Diabetes since my mom has it, so I was asked not to ingest noodles, rice - carbohydrates. I always thought I was healthy in this aspect, I was sure proven wrong. I really need to reduce my food intake - seriously! Triglyceride is directly affected by food, so cutting on fried foods like fries (oh no!), pizza (uh oh!), etc is a must for me. And I need to ignore my sweet tooth in view of the risk of acquiring Diabetes. *sigh* I sincerely hope these genetic disorders will not be passed on to my daughter.
It says here that the conditions that may cause high triglycerides are as follows:
  • Obesity. - I may be obese because I'm overweight
  • Poorly controlled diabetes. - I don't have that, yet!
  • An underactive thyroid (hypothyroidism). - what I have is toxic goiter (hyperthyroidism)
  • Kidney disease. - nah
  • Regularly eating more calories than you burn. - ah! I am guilty of this
  • Drinking a lot of alcohol. - not really my style now

Yes, I eat more than what I burn. I seldom exercise. I know I shouldn't eat rice for dinner, but sometimes I can't help it!

My action plan:

  • Avoid fried foods, and pizza
  • Eat more fruits and vegetables
  • Go to the gym or play badminton more than once a week
  • Avoid rice at dinner, or eat oatmeal that I may be full
  • Stand up and walk around when not busy at home or at work
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